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Thing Thing 2 Hack: Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Energy on almost all levels (Might fix this) and 1 hit kill Jugar ahora
Cannon Defense Hack: no reload, health, cash, ammo Jugar ahora
Tanks v2 Hack: Get 1000 Energy & Money after every shot Jugar ahora
DarkBase 3 Hack: Money - Infinite Medkits (Spacebar) - Weight limit increased - Ammo & Mine purchase limit increased! Enjoy! Jugar ahora
Zombie Waster Hack: You can shoot all your friends and it won't be game over. Jugar ahora
City of the Dead Hack: 999999999 cash, no build time Jugar ahora
Monster Flood Hack: Invincibility - All Weapons Unlocked - Infinite Ammo - Infinite Grenades and Mines - Start With 100 Kills! Jugar ahora
SteamBirds Hack: Bullets can't harm you ! .. The green poisonous gas CAN ! .. Just don't follow them, get them from the side or head-on. Bonus levels are on ArmorGames only, but at least they released the game. Jugar ahora
Destroy the Castle Hack: Infinite Ammo Jugar ahora
Vice City Madness Hack: Invincibility, Infinite Bullet Time, Jump Height Increased, Laser Guide on every weapon, not just snipers, Start with minigun, Super Strength, Infinite Ammunition, Run Speed Increased, Toggle AI Status of enemies. Jugar ahora
Panda Sniper Hack: Lots of cash Jugar ahora
Bowman 2 Hack: No gravity Jugar ahora
ZomBieMan 2 Hack: Health - Mines - No Gun Overheat - Power Ups - 3 Key Hacks - Press "7" always Human - Press "8" always Corpse - Press "9" to toggle Not Wanted On / Off - - NOTE: Not Wanted means everyone and everything will avoid you! Jugar ahora
Gunny Bunny Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora
Robin to the rescue Hack: Arrows & peasants won't die - Also removed the health bars. Jugar ahora
Sheriff Rage Hack: Unlimited Health,Using skills gives you Mana,Infinite Ammo & Skill Points (Money) Jugar ahora
Viral Outbreak Hack: Money,All Weapons unlocked with unlimited ammo,Life after death (ignore the 2 buttons that pop up,you can keep shotting and win the level), Level codes available - houses,sewage,sludge,dexter Jugar ahora
Absolute Madness Hack: 999999 Health and 999999999999 Score Jugar ahora
Military Rescue Hack: Unlimited lives - Shooting gives you ammo. Jugar ahora
Foxy Sniper 2 Hack: Infinite Experience Points (Money) Jugar ahora
X227 - The Game Hack: Health and infinite ammo for all weapons Jugar ahora
Lost Nuke 2 Hack: Lives - Ammo - Ability to Switch Weapons " Q " for Minigun & " E " for Shotgun & Shield Jugar ahora
Dawn of the Zombies Hack: infinite ammo, infinite health, infinite cannons, all guns unlocked from the start, and the nuke and bomb shelter are both unlocked Jugar ahora
Unreal Flash Hack: 9,999 Health Jugar ahora
Autumn War Hack: Always 50 units, After first mission - Always have good weapons, and vehicles. You'll like it ! Jugar ahora
Codename Ballistic Hack: All Units & Ammo types unlocked. Note : on every new level,you have to click and select your unit, otherwise you won't have all the ammo types. Jugar ahora
Black 3 Hack: Health and Wall Mines Jugar ahora
Flaming Zombooka Hack: Unlimited Rockets for every level Jugar ahora
Sniper Assassin 3 Hack: Level codes are from 1 - 14 digits Jugar ahora
Special Mission Hack: Lives, bombs and bullets all hacked. Jugar ahora
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