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Flash Trek Broken Mirror 2 Hack: Loads of resources modified beginning world and ship Jugar ahora
Caravaneer Hack: money, spare points, cargo space, inf hp. click on the hacks button on the top left of the game to access and activate hacks. Jugar ahora
Zombie Bites Hack: Unlimited health, the only way to die is if you jump into the holes in the floor a few times. Jugar ahora
Kong Fu Monkey Hack: Invincible Monkey Jugar ahora
Balloon Pets Hack: All levels unlocked. Note: if you've played the game before click reset player data to get them unlocked. Jugar ahora
The Bank Robber Hack: TAKES A WHILE TO LOAD, So expect white screen for a couple minutes. Hacks : -Demo to Full Game - 10x More Health & Maxed Abilities, and 50 million starting Cash ! Jugar ahora
Choose Your Weapon 2 Hack: Speedhack: Use CAPSLOCK to toggle ON/OFF. Unlimited HP: Use SPACE to toggle ON/OFF . Player size [weapons are bigger too :D ]: Use CTRL(Control) to toggle ON/OFF. All weapons in every level. Unlimited ammo in every weapon. Jugar ahora
Choose Your Weapon Hack: All weapons at start, More ammo for weapons Jugar ahora
The Diamonds Transporter Hack: 1 Diamond needed to pass the level Jugar ahora
Yahtzee Hack: Infinite Health and a lot of more ammo for all weapons Jugar ahora
Mad Trucker 3 Hack: Click Reset Progress to get Infinite Money,Survival Mode Unlocked,All Achievements Unlocked and the last Rocket/Bullets/Health/Fuel upgrade gives you infinite Ammo/Health/Fuel. Don't upgrade everything to the max else you will ruin the whole point of the game as it won't end. Jugar ahora
Fratboy House Wars Hack: 999999999 ammo for all weapons Jugar ahora
LARRY: Doug-Out Hack: Every thing cost 0. Buying Kegs give you money. Jugar ahora
Basketball Shots Hack: Start with x2 more basketballs Jugar ahora
DeBugger Hack: Hack fixed. All weapons unlocked from the start. Jugar ahora
Puppet Melee Hack: Every equipment and weapon is free...Note: Right click -> Play Jugar ahora
Barbarian Onslaught Demo Hack: Health, Rage always full Jugar ahora
Operation Seahawk Hack: Ship & Helicopter health & Unlimited Torpedoes Jugar ahora
The Kill Kar 2: Revenge Hack: 999999999 Health and 999999999 Kash Jugar ahora
Metal Slug 2 Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora
The Lardener Hack: Infinite money Jugar ahora
The Bow Game Hack: All Bows Unlocked, Infinite Lives, & Time - Note: The Lives & Time will go into negative values, instead of you loosing ! FLASH PLAYER 10 NEEDED TO PLAY GAME ! Jugar ahora
Ragdoll Tennis Hack: 99 Skill Points Jugar ahora
Rainbow Sphere Hack: "Invincibility" - you can still get stuck, and I don't think there is a reset button Jump from midair possible Jugar ahora
Megaman polarity Hack: Health and lives Jugar ahora
Crazy Action Joe Hack: Start with infinite cash (you autowin the first level so just press Again to continue playing) Jugar ahora
Flash Doom 2D Hack: Health,armor,ammo and clip size hack Jugar ahora
Tsunami Fighter Hack: Press key 1 to win the current fight - note: only use it during fights. Jugar ahora
Parking Lot 1 Hack: Unlimited lives and timer doubled Jugar ahora
Smiley Gone Mad Hack: Grab a healthpack to get infinite health and lives - All Weapons Unlimited Ammo & Automatic Jugar ahora
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