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Robo Slug 2 Hack: Infinite Health, Ammo, and All weapons available, and slightly upgraded.... Unlocking all weapons created 2 orbits , they are the same, and doesn't really change anything..The destructor is most powerful! Jugar ahora
Brink of Alienation Gold Edition Hack: Enemies give you health - Shooting gives you ammo (grenades) - Extra continues just in case. Jugar ahora
Caveman Hack: more lives, more time, more score Jugar ahora
Tuter Tario Tros Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora
Madness Blast Hack: Unlimited health Jugar ahora
Super Mario Revived Hack: Infinite Lives, Increased walk speed, Increased Jump height, Increased Jump and Fall Speed Jugar ahora
Gear Hero Hack: Money & Crystals Jugar ahora
Action Sword Hack: Health (don't mind the bar) & Fireballs Jugar ahora
Beekus Big Adventure Chapter 1 Hack: A lot of ammo added and infinite Health Jugar ahora
Millie Megavolte 4 Hack: Infinite Health and Anger for ALL characters Jugar ahora
Infect. Evolve. Repeat 2 Hack: Ton of cash per infection. Note: All skills are endless so don't waste all points on maxing one skill. Maxing re-population of germs will make your game really laggy. Jugar ahora
Path of Freeman Hack: Health,Armor,Weapon Ammo,Faster Speed Jugar ahora
Puppet Melee Hack: Every equipment and weapon is free...Note: Right click -> Play Jugar ahora
Dark Op Escape Hack: Invincible - Timer stopped. Jugar ahora
Alias 3 Hack: 999 Lives Jugar ahora
Mad Shark Hack: You will still survive even if you have no health or strength. You will need to eat things to keep up the speed,though. Jugar ahora
Metal Slug Brutal 1 Hack: Lives hack Jugar ahora
Gunrox - Valentines Day Hack: Infinite Money Jugar ahora
Assassin Sigma Hack: Health hack. Jugar ahora
Treasure of Cutlass Reef Hack: Ship Health, Gold, Crew, Ammo Jugar ahora
Man Hunter Hack: 99999999 money Jugar ahora
Bat Country Hack: Unlimited health. Jugar ahora
Aftermath Hack: Health, Timer & Ammo hack Jugar ahora
Clear Skies Elite WW3 Hack: Hacks included in this game are invincibility, no overheat, speed increase and unlocking of the gallery. - NOTE: All cheats are turned on and off by right clicking the mouse and selecting them. Jugar ahora
Drastic Plastic Hack: Unlimited funds Jugar ahora
Chaos War 3 Prolog Hack: Life after death, more MP added, and with any attack with your sword you get +999999999999 SP Jugar ahora
Mother Judgement Hack: Enemies give you health (don't look at the health bar) - Unlimited slow down time. Jugar ahora
Fratboy House Wars Hack: 999999999 ammo for all weapons Jugar ahora
Zombie Outbreak Beta Hack: All ammo increased to 999999999 - Minigun take more time to heat - Health & Stamina increased. Jugar ahora
Tower Climbing Hack: Free Upgrades & Bombs Jugar ahora
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