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Disney City Girl Juegos
Suprise Kiss Hack: Double time Jugar ahora!
Pizza City Hack: Unlimited gas, Money, pizza damage goes to 0 when you hit a building, getting towed or busted gives you money Jugar ahora!
Bash Girl Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Twee Hack: You don't lose health, always start with a weapon. Jugar ahora!
Big City Diner Hack: More money, faster cooking and reduced level goals. Jugar ahora!
Elf Sim Date II Hack: 999999 HP, 999999 Gold, Start with 10 of each item, Start w/30 stats and 180 points for upgrade and Changed some dialogue. Jugar ahora!
Chrono Days Sim Date Hack: Health & Money Jugar ahora!
Mugger Hack: Warning - strong language. The police take 100x the time to catch you. Not sure if the game ends at some point :) Jugar ahora!
Rebuild Hack: Start with lots of food, all farms produce a lot, lots of houses per land, 90% of tasks take 1 hour (day) only, 100 morale and everything adds more. Jugar ahora!
Hans and Emma Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Grand Prix Tycoon Hack: Money Hack - 5 Billion Dollars, When the game loads, right click on game then click play. Jugar ahora!
Pico Sim Date Hack: Money, Health and Stat Points hack Jugar ahora!
Pico Sim Date 2 Hack: $999999, 999 energy(HP) and 20 start stats plus 90 extra points. Jugar ahora!
Shopping City Hack: Money and goal hack,buildings cost $1 To play:Right click > Play Jugar ahora!
Rolf in the Big City Hack: Lives, Health, Speed, Jump power Jugar ahora!
Defence 2 - Beta Hack: Infinite money Jugar ahora!
Urban Plans Hack: Lots of cash Jugar ahora!
Demolition City Hack: More Time and Inf Lives Jugar ahora!
Gangstas Hack: Money and Health Hack Jugar ahora!
Army of Destruction Hack: Health, all guns unlocked, ammo, score, cash Jugar ahora!
American Firefighter Hack: Timer stopped - Once water filled, its enough for each level - Infinite lives - Forward & reverse speed increased Jugar ahora!
Disruptive Ride Hack: All levels unlocked and unlimited lives. Jugar ahora!
Urban Specialist Hack: Unlimited health unless you pick up it resets back,ammo for all weapons--Note: BE PATIENT WHILE IT LOADS Jugar ahora!
Truck City Hack: Unlimited health - A lot of time for each level. Jugar ahora!
Collateral Damages Hack: Lots of health and speed up hack. Jugar ahora!
Leon The Spartan Defender Hack: All weapons unlocked and only cost $1 also you only need to buy 1 of each because shooting them doesn't decrease your ammo -- Press the button below the game for extra building health! Jugar ahora!
Undead Zone Last Stand Hack: Unlimited health - All items in the shop cost 0 - 1 second cooldown. Jugar ahora!
City Under Siege Hack: 99 lives Jugar ahora!
Marksmen Hack: All Cheats Unlocked (toggable from the main menu tab - Cheats) Jugar ahora!
Pimp my Ride - Crowd Magnet Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
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