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Flash Trek: Delta Expanse Hack: Keyhacks: R to add 100 resources on each press; S to add 50 points to All Shields. Cheats available: maxlat, inclat, maxdur, imgood, imbad, youhateme, ilovetocheat, getinthebooth, youloveme, urmine, allknowing, byebyeklingons, everyonelovesme, earthownsall. Jugar ahora!
Mining Truck Hack: Unlimited time and 1 cargo item needed to finish the game Jugar ahora!
Dead Tree Defender Hack: set kills, set lives, set level, 1 kill left to finish level Jugar ahora!
Chrome Wars Arena Hack: Everything cost $1 - Start with 100 points and earn 10 after each fight - Stat point tip below! Jugar ahora!
Spider Monkey Hack: 99 Lives Jugar ahora!
Aftermath Hack: Health, Timer & Ammo hack Jugar ahora!
The Ban Bin Hack: Life Hack Jugar ahora!
Death Rush Hack: Infinite money - Invincibility - Unlimited stamina after first recharge (you need to make 1 kill). Jugar ahora!
BridgeCraft Hack: Building Materials are Free! Jugar ahora!
Dynamite Blast Hack: 100 Sticks of Dynamite for Each Level Jugar ahora!
24 Days in the Mall Hack: Hours and Mall HP Hacked, Increased speed and acceleration. Starting ammo is 9999 for all weapons. The normal weapon is now very powerful. Jugar ahora!
Rise n Shine Hack: Infinite Shots & Time - NOTE: If you are stuck click the reset button in the top right corner of the screen beside the pause button. Jugar ahora!
Fisher Boy Hack: Lots of cash and never runs out of oxygen Jugar ahora!
Speed Bus Hack: Keyhacks: 1 for Infinite Life; 2 to add 20 max speed & 3 to end the level Jugar ahora!
New Super Chick Sisters Hack: 99999999 Lives and the Boss can not hurt you with his smash Jugar ahora!
Air Defence 3 Hack: Cash:100000000000000, 150000 Health, 0.2 Sec reload speed, Extra flak damage Jugar ahora!
Zombie Bites Hack: Unlimited health, the only way to die is if you jump into the holes in the floor a few times. Jugar ahora!
S-W-A-T Hack: Ammo, Health, Unlimited Electros Jugar ahora!
Towing Mania Hack: Infinite chances - Timer stopped. Jugar ahora!
Zombie Canyon Hack: You get with each kill much more money, so you can buy everything. Jugar ahora!
Castle Carnage: Under Siege Hack: Gold hack for now. UPDATE: Even more gold added. (1/8/10) Jugar ahora!
Morality Wars Hack: Health & Keyhacks: S to add 20 Score on each press (to unlock specials) & W for instant Win. Also H for health just in case you run out. Jugar ahora!
Motocross FMX Hack: Stunt Energy is constant - More height with every jump. Jugar ahora!
Pimp my Ride - Crowd Magnet Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Dragon Warrior Hack: Enemies do no damage, dying gives you lives (just in case) and 2x the time to complete the levels. Jugar ahora!
Legend of Zelda Pacman Hack: 999999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
SnakeBox Hack: food lasts for 50 seconds Jugar ahora!
Astral Tower Defense Hack: All purchases and upgrades give you money. Note - very small TD game. Jugar ahora!
Earth Lifter Hack: Infinite lift power. Jugar ahora!
Punch Tom Out Hack: Heal Your Health, Heal Your Stamina, Heal Your Block Power, Lower Tom's Health, Skip Round, Immediate Win, Immediate Lose, Immediate Decision Jugar ahora!
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