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Gates VS Jobs Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
Boxhead Halloween Hack: Health, Ammo, Time hack- updated! Jugar ahora!
Defence Game: Turret Mode Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
K.O.L.M Hack: Eyes unlocked from the start. Jugar ahora!
Zombie Waster Hack: You can shoot all your friends and it won't be game over. Jugar ahora!
The Gun Game Hack: All weapons unlocked Twice as long on speed and skill levels Efficiency levles 3x longer life drain Jugar ahora!
Bushido Fighters Hack: More health added Jugar ahora!
Jump for Coins 3D Hack: Timer and score hack Jugar ahora!
Son of the Mask Pinball Hack: More balls added Jugar ahora!
Rage of the Dragon 2 Hack: Everything's free - Invincible Dragons - READ NOTE IN GAME INFO! Jugar ahora!
Islands of Empire Hack: All Upgrades Free - Airship Invincible - Make all other ships invincible by clicking Repair All on the upgrade screen Jugar ahora!
Super Awesome Bike Hack: All levels unlocked (Might need right-click - Play) Jugar ahora!
Brutal Max Hack: Dying gives you life - Hurting adds more strength. Jugar ahora!
Molecularia Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Tentacle Wars Hack: Each cell starts each level with the maximum power for that level which makes it very easy to win. Note : you actually start with 999 but it changes to the max once the level starts. Jugar ahora!
Pixelotl Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
This is the only level Hack: Door Always Open, Time Always 00:00:00, No Deaths, Walk Through Spikes, No Death On Pad On Stage 8 Jugar ahora!
Half Life 2 Total Mayhem Hack: Higher starting-score to buy the stuff you need, after starting the game will be the hack for the health and suit reset to normal, to become more health and suit again, you have to buy it with W and E, more ammo added. Jugar ahora!
Moon Patrol Hack: Unlimited lives hack Jugar ahora!
Metal Slug Brutal 2 Hack: Lives & Grenades Jugar ahora!
Massive War Hack: Upgrade Points hack,pretty much all you need! Jugar ahora!
Protector III Hack: Gold, Lives, Next Level, Tower Range, Tower Dammage, Tower ROF, and an EasterEgg. See Note below. Hack buttons under and above game, if you don't see them refresh or reload page until you do. Jugar ahora!
Escape Hack: Lots of lives and you have 1 hour to complete each level. Jugar ahora!
Generic Defence Hack: All Weapons automatic, All Weapons have A LOT of ammo, All Weapons have 0 reload time, All Weapons do a LOT of damage, All Weapons Cost 1 point, All enemies have 1 HP, Max Player HP, Max Item HP, Max Speed, Heal Kits heal all damage, Custom Names Jugar ahora!
Fireworks Cart Racing Hack: Infinite turbos "rockets - Infinite fuel - Note: It is a short game I but thought you guys might want a short thrill ride lol! Jugar ahora!
Summoner Saga 5 Hack: HP, MP and SP Jugar ahora!
Leading Edge Hack: Health, Cash, Ammo, and Free Inf. Grenades Jugar ahora!
Notepad Invaders Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Land of the Dead Hack: Infinite Health, 99999999 Power1 and Power2 Jugar ahora!
Micro Olympics Hack: 999999 Money and 9999999 Average Distance at game start of your character. Jugar ahora!
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