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Tactical Combat Hack: Key hacks : press key 1 to add 5 skill points and key 2 to add 1000 money. Jugar ahora!
Sonic RPG EPS 6 Hack: Unlimited HP,MP,and EP! Jugar ahora!
Plumber Beeny Hamster Hack: You don't die when the health reaches 0 Jugar ahora!
Lets Jump Hack: Health Hack Jugar ahora!
Cog Factory Hack: you won't lose even if you have stuffed up the thing, note:to win focus on one of the tube, dont stuff up all of the tubes like crazy or you can't go to the next level. Jugar ahora!
Bubble Tanks Arenas Hack: Invincibility,Everything is free - No usage of Gun & Bubble Points,10000% Armor,High Speed for all Avatars,Best Tanks revealed & High Class! Jugar ahora!
Death Rush Hack: Infinite money - Invincibility - Unlimited stamina after first recharge (you need to make 1 kill). Jugar ahora!
1 Will Survive 2 Hack: Get gold when you buy - Max upgrade points. Jugar ahora!
Air Something Hack: Bombs and score/points hack....couldn't do health,game's encrypted...To play -> Right click play then forward Jugar ahora!
Mardek Chapter 1 Hack: Exp gained from monsters , added SOME dialogue, some of the weapons stats. NO gold hack, not much hacks will be on during the tutorial. please read in game dialogue for my hints. Jugar ahora!
Rainbow Blitz Hack: Press 1 for 1000 townhealth.NOTE:IF you get a health pack,it will make your townhealth go back to 100.If this happens,just press 1 again. Jugar ahora!
The Battle Hack: Money, Health and Population Hack Jugar ahora!
Little Tao Si Hack: Infinite lives Jugar ahora!
King Island Hack: Health - Mana - only 25 xp to level up - "At Max lvl 30 xp required goes to 1000" - Ability to buy up to 1000 arrows - Shop items don't cost you , but you need enough money to buy them - See hint below! Jugar ahora!
Avatar Fort Fight 2 Hack: 5 Millions gold coins and 5 Millions bending points. I didn't hack the the health because of the 2 player mode. Jugar ahora!
Micro Olympics Hack: 999999 Money and 9999999 Average Distance at game start of your character. Jugar ahora!
Adventures of Buttlock Hack: Health Jugar ahora!
Orblisk Hack: 100 million Gold Jugar ahora!
Pac Adventure Draculas Hack: Health & Press 1,2,3 to add 1 of each key. You need to pick up a key from the level so the label refreshes. Jugar ahora!
Desert Rage Hack: Unlimited Lives & All Levels Unlocked Jugar ahora!
Heir Hack: Invincibility hack Jugar ahora!
Space Bounty Hack: $99999 Starting Money, Each kill gives you $6000, invincible, 10 lives Jugar ahora!
Wikileaks Game Hack: Invincible player. If you want to kill yourself go through the hole on the floor. Jugar ahora!
Rock Band Roadie Hack: Timer doubled for both bikes Jugar ahora!
infect.evolve.repeat. Hack: More time added and anything is free. Note: Do not upgrade the spawn too much, it would lags your comp. Jugar ahora!
BoomStick Hack: Ammo Hack, Speed Hack and Gun Fire Delay Hack. Jugar ahora!
Castle Draw Hack: More Health, More Energy, Max Power, More points and money per kill and start of with $5000 Jugar ahora!
Emo Vs. Happiness Hack: Enemies give you health (note : your health will go down a bit when you start). Jugar ahora!
Protector IV Hack: Gold, Lives, Next Level, Tower Range, Tower Dammage, Tower ROF, and Unlock Stores. Hack buttons under and above game, if you don't see them refresh or reload page until you do. Read Notes Below!! Jugar ahora!
Street Law Hack: 999999999999 Health Jugar ahora!
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