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Elona Shooting Hack: All Classes enabled - 9999 ammo for all guns - and grenades - All guns automatics - 999999 wall health - 99999999 Cash and AP Jugar ahora!
Zombie Horde 2 Hack: Enemies give you health - Each normal zombie you kill gives you 10000 money. Jugar ahora!
Warzone Getaway Hack: Invincible truck - Money - Infinite Grenades & Oils - All Weapons - Turrets & Achievements unlocked for All Modes. Jugar ahora!
RatMaze 2 Hack: Key hacks : key 1 adds 1 to your current speed, key 2 subtracts 1 and key 3 adds 50 seconds to the timer. Jugar ahora!
Mouse In Danger Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Army Driver Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
Favela Heroes Hack: 10,000 Cash and 100 lives on every level ! - - - -Unhacked version was 25 cash and 20 lives ! Jugar ahora!
4 Second Frenzy Hack: Unlimited lives on all modes. Jugar ahora!
Christmas Cannon Blast Hack: Retries are free Jugar ahora!
Angry Faic Lift Hack: 10 minutes instead of 45 seconds time. Jugar ahora!
Bombaguy Hack: Gold, Invincibility & Press E to End the level and skip to the next one Jugar ahora!
Jedi vs Jedi Blades of Light Hack: Infinite Energy Jugar ahora!
Rash Race Hack: Unlimited Time for each Lap Jugar ahora!
Black Sheep Acres Hack: $99,999,999,999 money and 999,999 Health Jugar ahora!
Super Mario Defence Hack: Infinite money and infinite health Jugar ahora!
Zombie Defense Hack: A lot of money and lives... Jugar ahora!
Robot War Hack: Robot is invincible Jugar ahora!
Crimson Warfare Hack: Money, Income, Health, 1 hp for enemy, credits Jugar ahora!
You Da Fly Hack: 99999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
I'm the Man Hack: Unlimited cash - Player invincible - All weapons & specials unlocked & owned with infinite ammo. Jugar ahora!
The Professionals 2 Hack: Unlimited health and ammo. Jugar ahora!
Radial Snake Hack: Snake length is 3, eating food doesn't increase your length, food is worth 50 points Jugar ahora!
Xeno Tactic Hack: gold, health Jugar ahora!
K.O.L.M. Hack: Start with vision (eyes). Jugar ahora!
Sift Heads World Hack: Lives - Cash - Ammo - Clip Size - Cheats revealed in desription --- Note: Do not reload! Jugar ahora!
Hamster Blue Lagoon Hack: All level goals set to 1 & Upgrades Free Jugar ahora!
Shinobi-kun Hack: 10x time - Dying gives you lives - Unlimited ammo. Jugar ahora!
War on the Block Hack: Unlimited lives and start out with 1000 points Jugar ahora!
Eight Defenders - Extension Hack: 999999999 Money and 999999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Telekinetic Eric Hack: Unlimited lives and moves and more points gained by finished level Jugar ahora!
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