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Swift Buggy Hack: Infinite Cash Jugar ahora!
UFO Mania Hack: Lives, All levels unlocked Jugar ahora!
Ninja Hack: All characters unlocked, Amount of items increased. Jugar ahora!
Downhill Snowboard 2 Hack: All players and snowboards are unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Mothership Warfare Hack: Alot of Credits, Upgrades are free,Recharge Time Reduced, and Available units unlocked! !! Marine, tank, and missile man no wait time !! MAY HAVE TO RIGHT CLICK AND CLICK PLAY Jugar ahora!
Bash Girl Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Zwingo Hack: Lives and XP Jugar ahora!
Demolish Truck 2 Hack: Keyhacks: L for Infinite Lives & H for Health (you need to press it for every level) Jugar ahora!
Deadly Danger Dungeon (DDD) Hack: HP hack, Key hack and Talisman hack. Jugar ahora!
Space Invasion TD 2 Hack: 9999 Lives, Infinite Gold and Max XP NOTE: DON'T ADD EXPERIENCE TO START MONEY SKILL OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL GOLD. Jugar ahora!
Death Row Hack: stats,cash, other cheats: ness28(10000 cash),ollie29(refill stats), sidog27(not even a cheat) Jugar ahora!
Artillery Tower Hack: Money, Life, Ammo, Infinite Ammo and air strikes Jugar ahora!
Conquer Antarctica Hack: Unlimited grenades and rockets - Right click on game and click play Jugar ahora!
Crazy Pinball Hack: More balls added Jugar ahora!
Alexander: Dawn of an Empire (DoE) Hack: Command points per second, starting money, research adds money instead of subtracting. Jugar ahora!
Lord of War Chapter 2 Hack: Money and lives hack Jugar ahora!
Budapest Defenders Hack: Health, Money Jugar ahora!
Helix Defense Hack: Energy and Life Hack. Jugar ahora!
Bill Cosby Fun Game Hack: 9999 Camera, 9999 Pudding and 9999 Cash [You have to go to options and change the difficulty to medium, then back to easy or hard if you want the hack to work] Jugar ahora!
Straw Hat Samurai 2 Hack: Health and Power Meter Jugar ahora!
Fire In The Hole 2 Hack: Invincible, ammo crates modification Jugar ahora!
Sindicate Hack: cash hack, power hack, henchman stats and they cost $1-$4 (only hacked skirmish cause in single player it will be no fun) Jugar ahora!
Tanks v2 Hack: Get 1000 Energy & Money after every shot Jugar ahora!
Operation Seahawk Hack: Ship & Helicopter health & Unlimited Torpedoes Jugar ahora!
Vintage Carbon Hack: More time added and never run out of fuel Jugar ahora!
Lethal RPG Destiny Rebirth Hack: I lowered the potions prices and made the armour and weapon upgrade cheaper. Jugar ahora!
Alien Hominid Hack: 999 lives, Faster fire rate, Men in black move slower, Men in black bullets don't move at all and the helicopter also moves slower Jugar ahora!
Puppet Wars Hack: Infinite gold after the first win,all weapons and armors unlocked,all weapons more damage,all armors more stronger except the Martin armor it gives you invincibility....(other hack info) Jugar ahora!
2020 - The Beginning Hack: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 50 gold, key 2 to add 1 of each worker, key 3 to heal your ship in battle and key 4 to reload instantly. Jugar ahora!
Tak and the Power of Juju: Moonstone Madness Hack: Timer Stopped - Hitting to obstacles adds moonstones. - For invincibility at the main menu click "Hey! got the invincibility code ? click here" label and enter code: PUPUNUNU Jugar ahora!
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