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Serious Santa Hack: Unlimited Lives,All Weapons Available & Infinite Ammo - - - Read note! Jugar ahora!
Ratminator The Mice Menace Hack: Infinite Cash and Health Jugar ahora!
Escape the Uberkids Hack: Money hack. Jugar ahora!
Smiley Wars Hack: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Health while playing as Rambo, Unlimited Ammo while playing as Rambo, All guns are one hit kills (only on your enemies), The Fire Rate is higher for all weapons, All unlock able items only cost 1 Xp. Jugar ahora!
Shaun of the Dead Hack: More lives added and the time doubled Jugar ahora!
Valentines Day Chainsaw Massacre Hack: 99999999 Health added and upgrades are free Jugar ahora!
Outbreak Hack: Rage max increased, EXP, life, cash, ammo, shot delay, reload speed, power, clip size, AK bought, magnum bought and shotgun bought. Pressing the guns corresponding number automatically reloads. Jugar ahora!
Momentun Missle Mayhem Hack: Every Thing Is Infinite Jugar ahora!
Cactus McCoy Hack: Dying gives you lives, start with 100 money and all upgrades cost 1, all areas unlocked. Note : create a new profile, start the game and then quit the level to upgrade and select levels. Jugar ahora!
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Hack: Press the 1 key for: Health,experience and infinite ammo! (You can shoot as soon as you leave the buy zone) Jugar ahora!
Cool Swimming Pool Hack: Lives & Time Jugar ahora!
K.O.L.M. Hack: Start with vision (eyes). Jugar ahora!
They Came from Space Hack: Tank is invincible & Unlimited ammo Jugar ahora!
Random Defence 2 Hack: money, lives, 50% interest at start Jugar ahora!
Ninja Frog Hacked Hack: All levels unlocked, Sticky time increased. Jugar ahora!
Angry Face's Pearl Hack: arcade Jugar ahora!
Greater Fighter Hack: Health - Rapid Fire - 1 hit fills special meter - Press " 1 " for infinite time in battle or press " 0 " to end battle mode. Especially if you get the "Silence" Rule because then you can't shoot anyway! Jugar ahora!
The Portal Guardian Hack: Health and ammo hack,everything is free Jugar ahora!
The Fairly OddParents: Cleft Vs. The Thingamajigs Hack: Only 1 hit needed to break any colored block (except for the steel ones - they can't be broken). Jugar ahora!
Summoner Saga 2 Hack: HP, MP and SP Jugar ahora!
Newgrounds HQ Showdown Hack: More Health added Jugar ahora!
Adventures Of Guy Hack: Infinite Gold, Health & Magic Jugar ahora!
World Basketball Challenge Hack: Everything's Unlocked & Free Jugar ahora!
Mars Miner Hack: Game will be fixed soon! Lots of cash,fuel never expires and infinite hull - health! - Read the note in game info too! Jugar ahora!
Clear Skies Elite WW3 Hack: Hacks included in this game are invincibility, no overheat, speed increase and unlocking of the gallery. - NOTE: All cheats are turned on and off by right clicking the mouse and selecting them. Jugar ahora!
Galactic Warrior Hack: You never get hurt. Jugar ahora!
Shadow of the Warrior Hack: 100k Energy, 100k Life & Mana potions Jugar ahora!
Perpetual Blaze Hack: Infinite Health - All power ups time greatly increased - Infinite power for slow down time - Damage 500 instead of 5. Jugar ahora!
Urban Slug 2 Hack: Lots of money Jugar ahora!
Arkandian Crusade Hack: Do not use the hack until after the first battle! You are supposed to lose. Press key 1 to add 100 to each stat (Mana and HP), press key 2 to add 1000 gold. Jugar ahora!
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