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Hambo Hack: All levels unlocked, every weapon available for every level with infinite ammo. Jugar ahora!
Rapid Fire Hack: Invincible base and a lot of money Jugar ahora!
Ronaldo 2 Real Hack: Gains lots of cash after the first try Jugar ahora!
Mud and Blood 2.0.0 Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
The Guardian 2 Hack: Key hacks: Press key 1 for unlimited health - Key 2 to add 1000 money each time you press it. The game is 10MB let it load. Jugar ahora!
Strategic Mayhem Hack: Infinite Cash Hack Jugar ahora!
Super Mario Galaxy Hack: Press H to add 100 Health - Press S to add 20% Weapon Speed & 1-2-3 for Weapon selection Jugar ahora!
Sky Invasion Hack: Life, Gold, Research cost decreased, All links to APH. Jugar ahora!
AirDefence v0.1 Hack: Infinite Tower-Health and Money Jugar ahora!
Christmas Castle Defense 5000 Deluxe Hack: Everything is free Jugar ahora!
Bananageddon Hack: Infinite Money and 99999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Battle Over Berlin 2 Hack: Lives,bombs,health extended,all weapons shoot x5 faster and are more efficient Jugar ahora!
Packet Rush Hack: Lots of cash Jugar ahora!
Master of the Secret Sea Hack: 999999999999999 cash, 999999999 crew, 999999999 ship health, 999999999 cannon ammo, 999999999 cannons, 999999999 food, custom ship name, loads of space for everything Jugar ahora!
Jumping Rednecks Hack: Infinite chances Jugar ahora!
Gunmaster Onslaught Hack: Money,ammo and all weapons Jugar ahora!
Operation Chaos Hack: Enemies give you health, start each level with 100 bombs. Jugar ahora!
Armed Prophet Hack: All weapons unlocked, more damage by Carpet and life after death by Dave Petty Jugar ahora!
Muffin the Star Hunter Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Micro Tanks Hack: Press H to add 10% to your health & Press W for instant Win Jugar ahora!
Dungeon Defender Hack: Money, Kongrate content available(Only works on APH). Jugar ahora!
Cupids Quest Hack: Life And Arrows Jugar ahora!
Elite Forces Southo Hack: character stats(money,lives,speed,aura) Jugar ahora!
Color Wars Hack: Infinite lives(the only thing needed to hack). Jugar ahora!
Gridlock Hack: Button added on title screen that automatically unlocks all modes of the game. Jugar ahora!
Alien Invasion 2 Hack: Money - 1000 max units and objects - No wait time on anything - All modes unlocked Jugar ahora!
FWG Knight 1 Hack: Life and weapon charge bar always full Jugar ahora!
Sangoku Heroe Hack: Key hacks: Key 1 adds 1000 gold, key 2 adds 5 lives and key 3 adds 5 special points. Jugar ahora!
East Fantasy Hack: Health & Mana Jugar ahora!
Bloodshed in the Big House That Blew Hack: You can't die and enough ammo to play through Jugar ahora!
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