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Vector Conflict: The Siege Hack: 16777215 Resources Jugar ahora!
Last Indian Village Hack: Start with lots of resources. Jugar ahora!
Around the Streets Hack: x5 More Time to complete your missions Jugar ahora!
Loa and the Island Quest Hack: Enemies give you health - Dying gives you lives. Jugar ahora!
PacMan Platform 2 Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Wanted Hack: Infinite Car-Health Jugar ahora!
Autumn War Hack: Always 50 units, After first mission - Always have good weapons, and vehicles. You'll like it ! Jugar ahora!
Cannon Commander Hack: 1. Castle Strength = 9999999, 2. Princess Lives = 9999999, 3. Cannon Balls = 9999999, Jugar ahora!
Pirate Launch Hack: Increase upgrade effects - made so it is still challenging. The best upgrades make you go forever. Jugar ahora!
Zombie Tower Defense 3 Hack: 999999 Money, 9999 Lives Modified multi shot Turret. Jugar ahora!
Onslaught 2.2 Hack: Money and lives hack on all modes--Note: Right click -> Play after loading Jugar ahora!
Art of War 2 Hack: Unlimited ammo and grenades for each level Jugar ahora!
Rainbow Blitz Hack: Press 1 for 1000 townhealth.NOTE:IF you get a health pack,it will make your townhealth go back to 100.If this happens,just press 1 again. Jugar ahora!
Ways Hero Hack: Press key 1 to add 5 lives each time you press it. Jugar ahora!
Mob Posse Hack: Lots of cash, needs only 1 exp point to evolution and instant evolution Jugar ahora!
Effing Worms v1.2 Hack: Infinite Health "Click the Worm" - Change Worm Speed Up and Down by increments of 0.5 - Attach any Upgrade part at anytime - NOTE: Hack buttons located under the game, if you don't see them refresh or reload the page until you do! Jugar ahora!
Super Mario Flash v2 Hack: Unlimited health. Jugar ahora!
Defender Tower Defence Hack: money, lives Jugar ahora!
Fighters Rampage Hack: Health Hack - *REQUIRES FLASH PLAYER 10 TO PLAY* Jugar ahora!
Occident Warrior Hack: Unlimited health and instant warrior level up Jugar ahora!
The Simpsons Zombie Game Hack: 100 Ammo instead of 10 Jugar ahora!
Mechanism Hack: Unlimited cuts (cutting doesn't take away cuts). Jugar ahora!
Mad Mech Hack: Health Jugar ahora!
Bug War 2 Hack: All races and levels unlocked - Use your energy special "A" anytime and infinite uses! Jugar ahora!
Star Rebellion Hack: Command Center 999999 health - All weapons 9999 health - Everything cost 1 Crystal - Over 80% more armour - Enjoy Jugar ahora!
Tevlon 3D Hack: Health,ammo and you don't lose when the timer reaches 0 Jugar ahora!
Prince of War 2 Hack: Infinity Health, Unlimited Gold, All Units Unlocked, 99 max units out at once and edited game story. Jugar ahora!
Mortgage Meltdown Hack: Infinite funds Jugar ahora!
RatMaze 2 Hack: Key hacks : key 1 adds 1 to your current speed, key 2 subtracts 1 and key 3 adds 50 seconds to the timer. Jugar ahora!
Colony 3 Hack: Lots of resources,start with the best army rank and all missions are unlocked --Click Play and be patient while it loads Jugar ahora!
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