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The Sniper 2 Hack: Clip size x3 bigger Jugar ahora!
Arny's Ancient Battle Hack: Health, lives, rockets. Jugar ahora!
Big Tree Defense Hack: All levels unlocked - Start with 100 points - All weapons and upgrades only 1 point - Tree trunk and limb upgrades are free - Tree repair is free - Sell any weapon from the tree for a huge amount of water ! Jugar ahora!
Flash Empires Hack: 999999 gold, 999999 castle health. 999999 kills, 999999 castle skills Jugar ahora!
Sift Heads World - The Ultimatum Hack: Unlimited health, ammo and money. Jugar ahora!
Paper Warfare Hack: Invincibility - Infinite Ammo ! Jugar ahora!
Maverick Hack: You can't die Jugar ahora!
Deflector Hack: Deflector shield time increased - Shield strength increased from 1 to 99 - Length of the deflector line increased x10 (in advanced stages you can draw circle around your globe). Jugar ahora!
St. Pattack Hack: Heatlh or Lives your choice ! Also specials and very stong attack hack ! 4 hack buttons under the game, If you don't see them refresh or reload page until you do ! When the hack is on the button will be outlined in green! Jugar ahora!
Bloody Penguin Throw Hack: This crude, gory hack features lots of blood, a dismembered bouncing penguin head and land mines! Jugar ahora!
Telekinetic Eric Hack: Unlimited lives and moves and more points gained by finished level Jugar ahora!
The World's Hardest Game Hack: No walls; No enemies can be toggled on/off. Speed hack. Skip level hack. Jugar ahora!
Mini Scientist Hack: Press key 1 to advance to the next stage, press tab to scroll through the items you can use on the current stage. Jugar ahora!
Merchant Banker Hack: Start with lots of cash Jugar ahora!
Bratz Fish Tank Hack: Money Hack - $9999999 Jugar ahora!
Shoot Hack: Grenades hack and health slightly increased Jugar ahora!
Pilgrim Hunter Hack: Unlimited Ammo & X10 Health Jugar ahora!
Bomber Bob Hack: Ship & Plane are indestructable Jugar ahora!
FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU Hack: Getting hit gives you a lot less rage, lots more rage removed per second. You really need to hit everything for a while to die. Jugar ahora!
Arms Dealer 2 Hack: Money Jugar ahora!
Railroad Tycoon 3 Hack: Lives and Bombs Hack - Start with 99999 Lives and 99 Bombs Jugar ahora!
Prison Sniper Hack: Infinite bullets, All levels, All medals Jugar ahora!
Agent Hans Coldy Deluxe Hack: Invincibility, just in case dying doesn't take away lives. Jugar ahora!
Heli Strike Hack: Infinite Rockets (space). Jugar ahora!
Domino Fall 2 Hack: Unlimited Bombs for each level Jugar ahora!
Polar Rescue Hack: Unlimited lives & Snowballs Jugar ahora!
Homerun In Berzerk Land Hack: Only 1 feet needed for unlocking the characters,Unlocked all weapons and items and they're all free! Jugar ahora!
Space Invaders Hack: 1337 lives, First row ships give 1000pts each, Second row ships give 2000pts each, And third rows give 4000pts each. Jugar ahora!
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer Hack: Lots of lives,more effective bullets,bigger shoot rate and instant reload--NOTE:Wait a bit after the stupid intro,it may not work in some countries Jugar ahora!
Possession Hack: Buying - Selling and everything adds money Jugar ahora!
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