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Battle Garden Hack: Invincible - First shoot the transparent enemies to make them visible - Shoot enemies heads for the star. Jugar ahora!
Monster Truck Rampage Hack: Indestructible truck and you can kill enemies by smashing them Jugar ahora!
Carious Weltling 2 Regurgitated Hack: Infinite lives - Spitting blood clots doesn't drain blood - No stun - Level select unlocked - NOTE: You can only play story mode in this demo version Jugar ahora!
Duel Adventure Hack: More health and mana for your player added. Jugar ahora!
Demonic Guardians Hack: All units unlocked - Evolution Points & Gold Jugar ahora!
Robotic Emergence Hack: Infinite Money and Health Jugar ahora!
Mom Mania Hack: All Goals set to 1 point - Increased the allowed limit of lost customers Jugar ahora!
Alloy Arena Hack: Invincible transformer,all picked up weapons last x2 longer and more points per kill Jugar ahora!
This Bunny Kills Hack: Invincible bunny Jugar ahora!
Lord Of War Hack: Infinite Money and 999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Teletubbies mercy killing! Hack: More time added Jugar ahora!
Orc Siege Hack: 999999999 Health and 99999999 Armour 999999999 Experience points - All hacks now present on all levels Jugar ahora!
Progress the Game Hack: 100 dollar start bonus - EXP needed starts at 1 instead of 200 "1 needed for next level then 2,3, etc." Progress bar speed up on normal, and even faster with bonus speed purchase. 5 cash points every barfill instead of 1 Jugar ahora!
Bound Bear Hack: Shots Hack Jugar ahora!
Vampire Scent Hack: Start with lots of life - Mana and gold. Jugar ahora!
Hobo 4: Total War Hack: Invincible hobo - All passwords revealed: HOTSHOTS, RAMBOHOBO, RAMBOSHOTS, WARBO, RAMBOWARBO, CITYJUNGLE Jugar ahora!
Crimson Warfare Hack: Money, Income, Health, 1 hp for enemy, credits Jugar ahora!
This Bunny Kills 4:FUN Hack: Unlimited health and energy Jugar ahora!
Backyards Buzzing Hack: money Jugar ahora!
Cobra City Hack: Unlimited Health Jugar ahora!
Astro Dog Hack: Infinite lives. Jugar ahora!
Da Club Hack: Money Hack, 99999 Visitors, Days Hack, 99999 Rep, You dont need to buy anything the TVs and things are already added to 999999999/999999999 level. Jugar ahora!
Tomb Digger Hack: More lives added Jugar ahora!
3D Tunnel Hack: 200 Upgrades Jugar ahora!
Pumpkin Smash Hack: All weapons are unlocked once you hit a single pumpkin Jugar ahora!
Bobbys Not So Average Adventure Hack: Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Red Cap Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Anti Pacman Hack: 99999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Drift Runners 2 Hack: All levels unlocked, extras unlocked, Start race with full nitrous, nitrous fills back to 95% after using, All vehicles unlocked and upgraded to level 3 "I am letting you earn the last one!" Jugar ahora!
Tanks and Towers: Tank Invasion Hack: Money & Lives hack (lives will go negative) Jugar ahora!
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