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Monster Bus Hack: Press L each time to add 5 lives. Note : the game is 8MB so be patient while it loads. Jugar ahora!
Gear Hero Hack: Money & Crystals Jugar ahora!
Flash Doom 2D Hack: Health,armor,ammo and clip size hack Jugar ahora!
Naruto Balloon Burst Hack: 999 seconds instead of 30 seconds Jugar ahora!
Neon Rider Hack: Infinite Health - All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Light People On Fire Hack: Added More Time Jugar ahora!
Commando 3 Hack: Money and health hack,population hack,more damage,units cost nothing Jugar ahora!
Rage Arena Hack: Cash, 1 kill to level up, Unlimited rage after killing an enemy. Jugar ahora!
Saucer Arena Hack: hull, shield, heat, everything is free Jugar ahora!
Lethal RPG 2 Resurrection Hack: Money and Potions Jugar ahora!
Hover Tanks 2 Hack: Starts with lots of cash,huge level rewards,x2 enlarged shield,you can buy any tank you want,infinite ammo for all weapons and all bonuses are super effective Jugar ahora!
Santa's Ride Hack: Timer stopped and infinite health. Jugar ahora!
Bulwark 53 Hack: Health hack, Infinite medi packs, all weapons unlocked, move quicker, faster fire rate and the your bullets move faster. Jugar ahora!
Demolish Truck 2 Hack: Keyhacks: L for Infinite Lives & H for Health (you need to press it for every level) Jugar ahora!
Britney Spears vs Child Servisous Hack: Toys - lives hack Jugar ahora!
Demonic Defense 2 Hack: Money, Mana and Health Hack Jugar ahora!
Virtua Breakout Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Urban Slug 2 Hack: Lots of money Jugar ahora!
Bacteria Tower Defense Hack: money, increased the splash, range, damage, slow, and sell value of all default towers, made all default towers free, creeps give you tons of money, creeps give you tons of points, creeps increase your hp, projectile speed,fixed a couple of grammar issues Jugar ahora!
Warzone Getaway Hack: Invincible truck - Money - Infinite Grenades & Oils - All Weapons - Turrets & Achievements unlocked for All Modes. Jugar ahora!
Elephants in Lemonade Hack: 999 lives and 100,000,000 to score when game begins. Jugar ahora!
Max Damage Hack: 20 of All ball types on each level totaling 100 balls per level - The balls will always be in this order - Green, 3 Tennis balls, Exploding, Basketball, and Fireball then Repeats back to Green! Jugar ahora!
Thing Thing 2 Hack: Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Energy on almost all levels (Might fix this) and 1 hit kill Jugar ahora!
Pocket Fighter Nova Hack: Player 1 health and longer Combo time! Jugar ahora!
A.L.I.A.S 3 Hack: 999999 health, 999 lives Jugar ahora!
Globby Hack: unlimited health Jugar ahora!
Death Penalty Zombie Football Hack: All zombies 75% less Health, Infinite Kicks "won't loose shoe kicking zombies", 25 Ability points after round 1 - Can't be eaten!--!! IMPORTANT !! Do not let the keeper get off the screen or game won't end! Jugar ahora!
Iwo Jima Defence Hack: Cash & Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Space Attack Hack: Everything is free,every types of ships are unlocked and no build limit! Jugar ahora!
ZombieLand Hack: Skill points hack Jugar ahora!
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