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Prehistoric 2 - Downfall Hack: Life and Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Jewels of Hell Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Space Invasion Tower Defense Hack: Infinite Gold and 99999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Ninja Man Hack: Life and Health Hack Jugar ahora!
Pace Maker Hack: Cash & Lives Jugar ahora!
Crush the Castle - Players Pack Hack: All projectiles unlocked (FIXED) Jugar ahora!
Nightmare on Pink Street Hack: Always enraged (can kill animals) and invincible to machines. The only thing that can kill you is a bomb. Jugar ahora!
Super Mario Racing 2 Hack: Lives, Missiles & Slips ammo & Timer hack Jugar ahora!
James Bunny Hack: Life Hack Jugar ahora!
Advanced Ninja Hack: Speed Jump Longer rope Jugar ahora!
Sky Patrol Hack: 99 Lives and you start with triple fire. Jugar ahora!
Armor Hero Metal Slug X2 Hack: Unlimited health, using bombs gives you more. Jugar ahora!
Death Penalty Zombie Football Hack: All zombies 75% less Health, Infinite Kicks "won't loose shoe kicking zombies", 25 Ability points after round 1 - Can't be eaten!--!! IMPORTANT !! Do not let the keeper get off the screen or game won't end! Jugar ahora!
Monster Jack Hack: Our 5000th REAL hack. Infinite lives Jugar ahora!
Mafia - The Revenge Hack: Lives,Start with x5 more Health,Press 1 to refill it,Unlimited Ammo & No overheat Jugar ahora!
Shoplifter Defence Hack: End Shift Immediately Button, Ammo, Unlimited Warnings (lives), Money Jugar ahora!
Crusher Hack: Unlimited Time & More Life added (not infinite since the game doesn't have a restart button after you turn over) Jugar ahora!
Blade Striker Hack: Everything costs $0 Jugar ahora!
GUNROX: Superstar Bodyguard Hack: Infinite wall health,all weapons found,totally upgraded and silenced,all upgrades found and equipped,ammo for all weapons,no reload,increased damage per hit Jugar ahora!
Earth Onslaught Hack: Loads Of Money - Infinite Experience - No Units Limit ! Jugar ahora!
Armored Creep Defense Hack: Money and Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Cargo Express Hack: Money,Only 1 Cargo needed & you can Always use Turbo Boost Jugar ahora!
Dead Frontier Night Two Hack: Health hack, Amour hack, No reload time, faster shooting time, clips hold more ammo and your character moves 3 times quicker Jugar ahora!
Rage of the Dragon 2 Hack: Everything's free - Invincible Dragons - READ NOTE IN GAME INFO! Jugar ahora!
Undead End Hardcore Hack: Invincible - Unlimited Ammo. Jugar ahora!
No More Reinforcements Hack: Health and weapons are unlocked with full ammo. Jugar ahora!
Spiderman 3: Rescue Mary Jane Hack: Unlimited time Jugar ahora!
Goal in One Hack: All Levels unlocked - Press " 1 " to toggle Always a Hole in One - Press " 2 " to toggle between normal or low gravity! Jugar ahora!
Hero's RPG 2 Hack: Money Hack, Stat points, Skill points and Level set to 99 Jugar ahora!
Plant Tycoon Hack: Unlimited money Jugar ahora!
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