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Lost Sweeper Hack: Infinite Potions, Infinite Cash and a lot of damage. DON'T GET CHANGE SWORDS Jugar ahora!
Treasure Seas Inc. Hack: Money and Lives Hack Jugar ahora!
DJ Maniax Hack: Press key 1 and click on all locked songs to unlock them. The game is 20 MB let it load. Jugar ahora!
Island Colonizer Hack: Lots of lives,all weapons unlocked with infinite ammo,damage increased Jugar ahora!
Trailer Parking Hack: Keyhack: H for Infinite Health (lives) & Timer. Yes,there is an in-game timer that is not shown on the screen. Jugar ahora!
Mana Wars 1 Hack: Infinite money and mana,your army makes more damage Jugar ahora!
Drag Bike Manager 2 Hack: Starts with a lot of cash Jugar ahora!
Potty Racers Hack: Everything in the shop is free Jugar ahora!
Armadillo Knight Hack: Infinite Health, Lives and Arrows Jugar ahora!
Lets Jump Hack: Health Hack Jugar ahora!
Epic War 2 Hack: 5 Million Health, Lots of Experience points for all races, Mana will jump to max after half way on some upgrades. At the black screen, please allow some time for the game to load. Jugar ahora!
Moose to the Moon Hack: Set Health, Fuel, Day1, Money, Fast Steering On / Off - Press "Shift" during game-play to see the hack menu that shows what keys to press! Jugar ahora!
Tiger of Mysore Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Necronomicon Hack: In Challenge mode Life has been increased to 9999999999 (max) in all challenges - Sanity also increased to 999999999 where ever possible - Normal mode also life increased to 9999999999 Jugar ahora!
Back2Back Hack: Level Select, Orbs, All Units start with 5000 Health, regeneration rate 3 instead of 1.5, All units Range is 8, Infinite Medkits and Stimpacks with no wait timers ! Jugar ahora!
Super Trail Hacked Hack: Lots of Money Jugar ahora!
Double Edge Hack: Upgrade Points, Health. Please click on the plus button on the top right hand side of the screen to load and activate hacks. Jugar ahora!
Zwingo Hack: Lives and XP Jugar ahora!
Hit and Run Hack: Infinite wickets but overs & balls are kept default as in game. Jugar ahora!
Fancy Pants Adventure Hack: Infinite health and lots of lives Jugar ahora!
Flying Steel Hack: !! DON'T PICKUP HEALTH BONUS !! If you do , your health will go back to "default value" of 1500 - - - HACKS- Infinite Health, hundreds of nukes, Weapon upgrades last to end of level! Jugar ahora!
Animal TD Hack: Key hacks: Key 1 + 10000 gold. Key 2 + 10000 wood. Keys 3-5 add 10000 to water, earth and fire levels (more towers). Jugar ahora!
Highway Madness Hack: Higher acceleration, lower mass, and more strength for the Ferrari F430 and $999999999 Jugar ahora!
City Jumper Extreme Hack: Dying gives you lives. Jugar ahora!
House Idle V.4 Hack: NaN cash and your level is very high at the start! Jugar ahora!
All Hallows Eve Hack: One Shot kill with any weapon, Unlimited Ammo, Defences are indestructible, and ability to unlock all weapons and defences after the first level. Jugar ahora!
Momentum Missile Mayhem 3 Hack: Money Hack, Lives Hack, Score Hack, Skill Points, Tech Points and Tech Level Hack. Jugar ahora!
Anti Pacman Hack: 99999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Blosics 2 Hack: Best balls are free - All goals set to 1 Jugar ahora!
Sift Heads 3 Hack: Cheat Codes: GREENY - all weapons, RJT - vinnie invicible, MTH - infinite ammo Jugar ahora!
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