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Ether of Magic Hack: 1000 Health - Start with an awesome deck & replaced the health & shield cards in the starting deck with attack cards. Jugar ahora!
Coffee Shop Hack: Money Hack - Lucky Number 7 Jugar ahora!
Dark Cut 3 Hack: Patient will not die, Patient will always be on sedation, All levels unlocked, Bonus levels are playable Jugar ahora!
Murloc Hack: Money hack, HP hack, Mana hack, Talent point hack, Critical hit hack, HP and Mana recharging hack Jugar ahora!
Dynamite Fisher 2 Hack: Both boats same max speed - 10 max bombs instead of 3 - All 3 weapons increased range - 60 second time bonus for killing mutated fish, 5 at one time, 2 at once, and 5 minutes for killing the crow! Jugar ahora!
Agony the Portal Hack: Invincible, No Spell Delay Time, 100 Skill and Attribute Points, All Skills available at level 0...NOTE: If the game don't load go back to the previous page and click the game again.. Worked for me, refreshing didn't seem to help.. Jugar ahora!
Cursor Killer Hack: Cursor is invincible. Jugar ahora!
Overkill Apache Hack: Lives hack, get higher rank per promotion, all pickups give you infinite ammo, rapid fire for all weapons. Jugar ahora!
Skylark 2 Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
Bomber Knights Hack: Unlimited Lives - Hammers - Shields! Jugar ahora!
Art of War 2 Hack: Infinite ammo and granades for every level,15 seconds time out for each round Jugar ahora!
Asteroid Blaster Hack: Unlimited fuel, shooting gives you ammo. You can still die if you hit an asteroid. Jugar ahora!
Apple Defender Hack: Unlimited Money Jugar ahora!
Mana Wars 2 Hack: Money and mana hack,units make more damage Jugar ahora!
Tiger of Mysore Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Forklift Frenzy Hack: Timer is 100 seconds instead of 40 for each level Jugar ahora!
Commissar Betrayal (2) Hack: 5000 hp , Note: Too much hp will cover the the game. Controls: arrow keys to move left and right keys, jump with space, Ctrl to fire Jugar ahora!
Colony 3 Hack: Lots of resources,start with the best army rank and all missions are unlocked --Click Play and be patient while it loads Jugar ahora!
Battlefield General ~FULL VERSION~ Hack: 777777777 Cash All units + towers + repairing is free. Right click on game and press play. Jugar ahora!
Zombie Killer 2072 AD Hack: More Health added Jugar ahora!
Rage Arena Hack: Cash, 1 kill to level up, Unlimited rage after killing an enemy. Jugar ahora!
Bowmaster Prelude Hack: No Bow Cool Downs and 5,000,000 Gold *New Version* Jugar ahora!
ZOM-TV! Hack: Invincibility,Unlimited starting money,All weapons have wider range & Weapons x5 Times Stronger, Unlimited Ammo Jugar ahora!
Fit It 2 Hack: Press D to Decrease the level goal by 1 each time - Press S to Skip the level Jugar ahora!
Shore Siege Hack: Health, Money, Always Gaining Money Jugar ahora!
Sim Taxi: Bubble City Hack: Keyhacks: C to add $500 Cash, F to refill Fuel & H for infinite Health Jugar ahora!
KGB Hunter Hack: Car Health Hack! Jugar ahora!
Gangsta Bros Hack: Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Lives and Unlimited Health Jugar ahora!
Deadly Venom Origins Hack: Start with 9999 ammo for all weapons - space to choose the weapon and your tranquilliser gun is in the second guard. When you have to hack the door simply move the mouse over the numbers to remove them, then press the symbols in the way they appear.
Cheats are : OUCH AMMO BOOM FAST POW - these need to be typed in all CAPS or small letters, not mixed so use the shift to type them in correctly.
Jugar ahora!
Cursor Thief Hack: You have a red mouse, the guy barley ever goes after your cursor, 9999 score on pressing play, the guy has a mustache added a mustache pose for him, to lose u got to put your mouse on the guy then the game auto ends causing u to reload if you want to pla Jugar ahora!
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