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Hellvolution Hack: Credits,you cannot die,unlimited focus,all weapons unlocked with ammo,clip size and reload,first spell available,skill points,gains more experience,stronger weapons Jugar ahora!
Hover Tanks 2 Hack: Starts with lots of cash,huge level rewards,x2 enlarged shield,you can buy any tank you want,infinite ammo for all weapons and all bonuses are super effective Jugar ahora!
Strategy Defense 3 Hack: set money set score delay (set 0 to go to next level) Jugar ahora!
D-Fence Hack: $1 billion and lots more health. Jugar ahora!
Yarrr TD Hack: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 20 gold, key 2 to have full health. Jugar ahora!
Urban Wizard 3 Hack: cash, ammo, health Jugar ahora!
Pillage The Village Hack: Infinite villager escapes - Everything is free & no pacifist, antagonist, or manna points needed for spells! So it doesn't matter which path you choose , good or bad :) Jugar ahora!
Hover Phoenix Hack: Energy hack and points hack Jugar ahora!
Roadkill Revenge Hack: All levels and bonus levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
16-Bit Halo Hack: Invincible player. Jugar ahora!
Pink Archer Hack: Bow Power increased - All levels unlocked - Level score decreased - You get different bows after completing 4th,7th,10th,14th levels. Jugar ahora!
Puppet Wars Hack: Infinite gold after the first win,all weapons and armors unlocked,all weapons more damage,all armors more stronger except the Martin armor it gives you invincibility....(other hack info) Jugar ahora!
K-Fed:Dancing With Fire Hack: Even when your health bar runs out,you will still be able to fight! Jugar ahora!
Blue Rabbit's Rocket Rush Hack: Rocket's health increased - Infinite missiles - Read instructions about controls. To kill boss on every stage lookout for weak spots (eg: in first stage when boss ready to fire from his four hands first shoot the four hands then triangle shape in boss turns red then shoot that). Jugar ahora!
Copy Cat Hack: To unlock all levels, press ClearData. All level goals are reduced by 20. Jugar ahora!
The Strangers Hack: Infinite bullets for all teams Jugar ahora!
Graveyard of Dunken Souls Hack: Rapid crate drop(shifty crates), unlimited weapon time, (unless you pick up another crate) and unlimited timer(endless game) Jugar ahora!
Dynasty Street Hack: 10000 to life, 999 ammo (power up) to all weapons (except mines and grenades), Instant 1000 to adrenaline after one hit, which gives you special combo hits. Jugar ahora!
Planet Racer Hack: Everything in the shop is free. Also traveling to other planets is free. Jugar ahora!
SpongeBob Square Pants: Patty Panic Hack: Lives and Mustards hack Jugar ahora!
Mario Sea War Hack: Coins & Mushrooms Jugar ahora!
Tank Destroyer Hack: Money and mines hack Jugar ahora!
Ben 10 Spore Attack Hack: Infinite health. Jugar ahora!
Snow Plow Hack: Everything in the store costs 1 only, you don't lose if you hit a car. Support the developer via GamerSafe if you like the game. Jugar ahora!
CopterCrasher Hack: x5 More Health - Note: After you're dead, Right click-Play to restart Jugar ahora!
Operation Thunder Hack: Invincibility,infinite ammo and grenades Jugar ahora!
Geo Land RPG Hack: You can distribute 20 stat points instead of 5,Gold added and an instant level up upon winning a battle! Jugar ahora!
7th Inning Smash Hack: Start with x5 more Balls Jugar ahora!
BP - Nuke The Gulf Hack: Unlimited health and fuel. Jugar ahora!
Scrap Metal Heroes Hack: In Battle - All Units Free & In Shop - All Items Free (No Mochi coins or items are hacked). Jugar ahora!
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