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Mouse In Danger Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Savage Hack: Health,Mana,Armor & Gold Jugar ahora!
Camper wars Desert Ops Hack: All levels & Weapons Unlocked - Infinite Ammo! Jugar ahora!
SpongeBob and the Trail of the Snail Hack: More Time added Jugar ahora!
Death Planet - Chapter 1: The Lost Planet Hack: Prince is invincible. Note: In instructions only X is show as action key but you can use Z,X,C for different styles - In some levels bugs wont die if you hit continuously, just stop & hit once again(bug in game). Some bugs dont disappear even after death but actually they are dead (bug in game). Jugar ahora!
Platform Explorer Hack: Life & Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Fish Tales Hack: Unlimited Lives Jugar ahora!
Escaped Hack: All purchases add money, last health upgrade is 2x the health. Using abilities gives you mana. Jugar ahora!
Pirate vs Ninjas Hack: Bunch of lives Jugar ahora!
Advanced Ninja Hack: Speed Jump Longer rope Jugar ahora!
Drop Off Hack: Higher altitude so that you can score more points and have more time to get in a better landing position. Jugar ahora!
Onslaught 2.2 Hack: Money and lives hack on all modes--Note: Right click -> Play after loading Jugar ahora!
Hoverbot 2 Hack: Infinite lives - Stays longer period in air - Moves faster - Battery doesn't empty - Level Passwords: 2)robodance 3)botman 4)breakdown 5)onlyrobot 6)robonica 7) switchitoff 8)metalalloy 9) justmachine 10)robotification Jugar ahora!
Elemental Tower Defence Hack: Unlimited Money and Power. Jugar ahora!
Jungle Treasures 2: Tombs of Ghosts Hack: Enemies give you health - Shooting gives you ammo - All weapons unlocked, use the 1-5 keys to activate them. Jugar ahora!
Element Saga full version Hack: Health hack,ammo for all weapons,clip sizes,faster reload,enemies' health decreased a little,more damage caused per hit Jugar ahora!
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition Hack: Unlimited jumps in the air. Note that after a dash you are not able to jump anymore until you touch the surface. No speed hack because you'd die really fast in further levels Jugar ahora!
Stretchyman Hack: More health and ammo added Jugar ahora!
Crazy Flasher 3 Hack: Money Hack - 5,000,000 Cash Jugar ahora!
SnakeBox Hack: food lasts for 50 seconds Jugar ahora!
20,000 Feet and Falling Hack: Infinite time + nitro. Jugar ahora!
Scooby Doo Temple of Lost Souls Hack: Scooby & Shaggy fear hack Jugar ahora!
Scorched Sky Hack: Health, you cant die, unlimited ammo for all weapons and grenade. Jugar ahora!
Desert Buggy Hack: Loads of Cash to start with! Jugar ahora!
Zombie Korps Hack: Credits,Survivors (Health),All Units Cost no command points and Weapons Unlocked with x2 Bigger Ammo clip Jugar ahora!
Epic Quest Hack: Life after Death, 5000 Start points Everything Cost $10 All Equipment Unlocked & No Quantity Needed to use Equipment - Huge Cash bonus & Experience After First Stage - 9999 Experience After every other Stage - Start With 100 AP, I think that's it. Jugar ahora!
Mission Impossible Hack: 10,000 to health (Health bar goes over the ammo and score so sorry for the inconvenience, nothing I can do about that.), 9,999 ammo to all weapons, 100,000,000 to score when game begins. Jugar ahora!
Boat Invasion Hack: Money & Lives Jugar ahora!
The Torture Chamber 2 Hack: Everything is unlocked after the first game Jugar ahora!
Super Mega Ultra Evil Genuis Hack: Cash hack Jugar ahora!
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