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Kid Launcher Hack: Infinite Money - All Medals & Achievements (If you get stuck at the blue screen just be patient for a minute) Jugar ahora!
Stickman Madness 3 Hack: Unlimited money(Can be toggled ON/OFF), No reload(ON/OFF), Unlimited HP(ON/OFF), Unlimited ammo(ON/OFF), Unlimited Grenades (ON/OFF), Add 100 kills. Jugar ahora!
Gavin The Pro Golf Goblin - Halloween Toure Hack: Infinite health Jugar ahora!
Dolphin Olympics 2 Hack: Timer doubled,start with 100 points,biggest combo,longest and highest jump,biggest splash,longest tailslide,highest speed are set to best 100,gain triple points per tricks Jugar ahora!
Spongebob RPG Hack: Most of the skills are unlimited Jugar ahora!
The Simpsons Zombie Game Hack: 100 Ammo instead of 10 Jugar ahora!
CCC Pirates Hack: Getting a toxic box in the water doesn't fail the level. Jugar ahora!
Hero RPG Current Version 2.5 NEW Hack: 999999 Gold 9999999HP AND MP 999stats 9999 skil points all stats 60... Jugar ahora!
Battle Of Lemolad *FIXED* Hack: Press 1 on the keyboard for more iron,gold,stone,wood and food! Jugar ahora!
Mario Combat Hack: health, jump higher(the problem is, you still need to jump in walls, cause if i set it to too high its too hard to play) Jugar ahora!
Gun Master Onslaught Hack: Start with lots of health, shooting gives you ammo. Jugar ahora!
Penguins Attack TD 2 Hack: Money - Lives hack Jugar ahora!
SeppuKuties Hack: Lives Hack Jugar ahora!
Rise of Pirates Hack: Invincibility,ship health,crew members amount doubled,free ships,1 hit kill,modified ship names,reload speed increased,all skills maxed Jugar ahora!
Divergence Turret Defence Hack: bp,score,money,kills,total score,waves,unlock lvls Jugar ahora!
Plumet 2 Hack: All characters and modes unlocked, slower platform speed. Jugar ahora!
Mario Pipe Panic Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Burger Restaurant 4 Hack: All Upgrades Free - Always pass the levels - 0 minimum goal Jugar ahora!
Lethal Racing Hack: Health doubled,every upgrade is free and frozen timer Jugar ahora!
Gansters Hack: Speed, Jump Height, Health, Ammo & More Gravity Jugar ahora!
Necronator Hack: Souls "money" And Mana - No unit limit - No cool-down time on units or spells - NOTE: Mana hack starts after tutorial or you can abort tutorial either or! " HIGHSCORES DISABLED " Also see note below! Jugar ahora!
Battle Bugs Hack: All purchases give you money. Jugar ahora!
Aliens on Earth Hack: Unlimited Cash Jugar ahora!
Save The Fallen Hack: Everything cost $1 and timer hack Jugar ahora!
Super D Hack: Health - 9999 keys - 1 Hour instead of 10 minutes on timed Mode! -- NOTE: If Lagging, right click and change quality to Medium or Low! Jugar ahora!
Infect.Evolve.Repeat Hack: First level time hack, to familiarize yourself. After it, you gain pretty much infinite money. **Don't upgrade too much on reproduction, it can slow down the game, badly** Jugar ahora!
FlashCraft Hack: Unlimited gold, 1 second build time and unlimited tower limit. Jugar ahora!
Palisade Guardian 2 Hack: All enemies only damage wall by "1" and a lot more money earned each round. Sorry no ammo hack, game is encrypted and hard to hack ! Jugar ahora!
Dragon Ball Z Hack: Infinite Health, Infinite Power Jugar ahora!
Omega Tower Defense Hack: Infinite Health and Money Jugar ahora!
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