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SWAT Rescue Team Hack: Invincible & All Weapons Unlocked with Infinite Ammo Jugar ahora!
John Citizen Hack: health, weapons ammo (+ unlocked) Jugar ahora!
Darkness Springs Defense Hack: Lots of gold for every level Jugar ahora!
Combat Tournament Hack: Press key W to have full health and special. Press it as often as you need. Jugar ahora!
Temple Guardian Hack: Miracles Money Temple HP Jugar ahora!
Chicken Adventure Hack: All Upgrades Free Jugar ahora!
Dungeon Defender 2 : Enhanced Hack: Lots of gems (lives),all units unlocked and they're free,all supports and traps are unlocked and free! - No avatar unlocking - it costs real money! Jugar ahora!
Penguin Defender Hack: Lives & Timer hack Jugar ahora!
Polar Rescue Hack: Unlimited lives & Snowballs Jugar ahora!
Smash 2 Hack: Lives 999,999,999 and all bricks are weaker Jugar ahora!
Breakfast Brawl Hack: More time Double Damage to Enemies Jugar ahora!
Clayball Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Vegas Traffic Mayhem Hack: Each level targets has been reduced - Chance to start the same level which you failed - Traffic jam kept as little challenge needed in this game. Jugar ahora!
Viva Caligula *Fixed* Hack: GO HERE TO PLAY THE GAME: http://www.arcadeprehacks.com/hacks_swf/vivacaligula/game.swf Invincibility & All Attacks Unlocked Jugar ahora!
Go Go Gunship Hack: Infinite health and lots of ammo. Encrypted Game Jugar ahora!
Park my Emergency Vehicle Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
The Killer Robot Factory Hack: Money and health hack,infinite ammo,clip size,more damage to robots....Note:Do NOT pickup health,if the game won't load->refresh it or try FireFox Jugar ahora!
Village Heroes Hack: Health, Special & Increased Speed for each character Jugar ahora!
The Next Floor Hack: Life, Cash, Links to APH Jugar ahora!
Goal in One Hack: All Levels unlocked - Press " 1 " to toggle Always a Hole in One - Press " 2 " to toggle between normal or low gravity! Jugar ahora!
Operation Seahawk Hack: Ship & Helicopter health & Unlimited Torpedoes Jugar ahora!
Prehistoric 2 - Downfall Hack: Life and Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Bloodshed in the Big House That Blew Hack: You can't die and enough ammo to play through Jugar ahora!
Earth Onslaught Hack: Loads Of Money - Infinite Experience - No Units Limit ! Jugar ahora!
Choose Your Weapon 2 Hack: Speedhack: Use CAPSLOCK to toggle ON/OFF. Unlimited HP: Use SPACE to toggle ON/OFF . Player size [weapons are bigger too :D ]: Use CTRL(Control) to toggle ON/OFF. All weapons in every level. Unlimited ammo in every weapon. Jugar ahora!
Armored Creep Defense Hack: Money and Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Static Shock Hack: Bombs, use the cheat code: amped for health, surge for disk power, and overload for level skip Jugar ahora!
Galactic Hunter Hack: Key hacks : press key M to add 10000 cash, key N to add 10 Special Points and key H to heal yourself and have a very high health regen rate. Note : you'll see a white screen for a few seconds once you click pay. Jugar ahora!
RSTD 2 Hack: Money, lives, 3 minutes to set up towers Jugar ahora!
Sand Castle Hack: Money and Ammo Jugar ahora!
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