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Dublox Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 5 - True Tragedy Sonic pt.2 Hack: Infinite Health and Magic Jugar ahora!
Dragon Rage Hack: Health,starting level and points Jugar ahora!
Splitter Pals Hack: Unlimited Cuts Jugar ahora!
Cursor*10: 2nd Session Hack: Lots of time for each cursor. Note: To get the key let one of the cursors get hit and then follow it - once it gets hit get the key. Jugar ahora!
Feel the Beat Hack: Unlimited Health Jugar ahora!
Operation Maus Hack: Dying gives you lives - Shooting gives you ammo - 10x the time. Jugar ahora!
Castle Draw Hack: Money hack,unlimited energy,super powerful rocks,more points scored per kill Jugar ahora!
Level Up Hack: Health, Level up really fast, Fighting the Shadow boss at night wont remove your level and he dies with one hit "1 dark gem" See Note below! Jugar ahora!
Parking Challenge Hack: Timer stopped - Infinite lives Jugar ahora!
pico-Unloaded Hack: unlimited hp - unlimited ammo - unlimited reload - all guys have 50 hp or below - no submit button sry :( Jugar ahora!
Deady Hack: 999999 health Jugar ahora!
Floater Hack: More time Jugar ahora!
Legitimate TD Hack: 99999999 Life and Money Jugar ahora!
Zombie Tower Defense 3 Hack: 999999 Money, 9999 Lives Modified multi shot Turret. Jugar ahora!
School Bus License Hack: Timer hacked for all levels. Jugar ahora!
Epic War 2 Hack: 5 Million Health, Lots of Experience points for all races, Mana will jump to max after half way on some upgrades. At the black screen, please allow some time for the game to load. Jugar ahora!
Newgrounds Sim Hack: 999999999$, 999 in all 3 skills, You Are A Affiliate Moderator And Admin On Start Up, You Make Around 1999$ at work, All Flash Movie Types Unlock, 2 Extra's On Desktop At Startup (If Name Is popwin (I Think Not 100%), CODE CRACKED If Game Screen Is Expand Jugar ahora!
Line Runner 2 Hack: Infinite lives on Arcade mode (the other mode has different challenges). Jugar ahora!
Art Of War 2: Stalingrad Winters Hack: Unlimited Ammo and Grenades Jugar ahora!
Marksmen Hack: All Cheats Unlocked (toggable from the main menu tab - Cheats) Jugar ahora!
Army Rider Hack: Infinite Lives - Health - Mines can't kill you but flipping over can Jugar ahora!
Tractor Mania Hack: Unlimited health - Click the FX icon in the menu to have all levels and tractors unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Oil Night Hack: Everything in the shop is free Jugar ahora!
Coffee Tycoon Hack: All upgrades unlocked - Cost no money and no minimum customers required. Jugar ahora!
R.O.B.O.T Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Hamster Blue Lagoon Hack: All level goals set to 1 & Upgrades Free Jugar ahora!
Ecaps Hack: Fire Rate, Health, Shield, Ammo Jugar ahora!
Easter Egg Tycoon Hack: Bunnies and bunny egg limits decreased, times on burners, painters etc. decreased, tons of tons of lives, added some more burners, painters, hens etc., added max eggs that you can carry, lots of money, eggs lay faster Jugar ahora!
The Dark Age Hack: Money hack for all levels (I know it's not finished) Jugar ahora!
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