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Kat Killah Hack: Health hack. Jugar ahora!
Glorious Cocktails Hack: Lots of points - Lots of ammo after you buy the weapons. Put in cheat JUMPY if you want the people to jump when hit. Jugar ahora!
Dragon Wizard Hack: Invincibility,infinite gold and lives,every weapon is free,player moves a bit more faster Jugar ahora!
Terra Defence Hack: Health hack, Less enemies and Score hack Jugar ahora!
Death Penalty Zombie Football Hack: All zombies 75% less Health, Infinite Kicks "won't loose shoe kicking zombies", 25 Ability points after round 1 - Can't be eaten!--!! IMPORTANT !! Do not let the keeper get off the screen or game won't end! Jugar ahora!
MoFro Hack: Jump Height and health Jugar ahora!
Short History of the World Hack: You don't lose lives. We've left the time for the tasks so that the game is still challenging. Jugar ahora!
Nightmare on Pink Street Hack: Always enraged (can kill animals) and invincible to machines. The only thing that can kill you is a bomb. Jugar ahora!
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition Hack: Unlimited jumps in the air. Note that after a dash you are not able to jump anymore until you touch the surface. No speed hack because you'd die really fast in further levels Jugar ahora!
East Fantasy Hack: Health & Mana Jugar ahora!
Star Defender 4 Hack: Infinite lives, Firing gives more ammo Jugar ahora!
Rapid Fire Hack: Invincible base and a lot of money Jugar ahora!
CCC Pirates Hack: Getting a toxic box in the water doesn't fail the level. Jugar ahora!
Army Copter Hack: Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Pub Defender Hack: More Pub-Health, money and lives added Jugar ahora!
KGB Hunter Hack: Car Health Hack! Jugar ahora!
Gauntlet Hack: Health Hack Jugar ahora!
Killer Mouse Avoider Hack: Infinite lives and button to the reward. Jugar ahora!
3D Tunnel Hack: 200 Upgrades Jugar ahora!
Celtiic Village Hack: All recourses maxed Jugar ahora!
Super Trail Hacked Hack: Lots of Money Jugar ahora!
Sift Heads 2 Hack: 99999 Money and all weapons cost 1$ (even though they looks as if they are expensive) Jugar ahora!
A Koopa's Revenge Hack: More lives added Jugar ahora!
Alien Thief Hack: Infinite lives Jugar ahora!
Fighters Rampage Hack: Health Hack - *REQUIRES FLASH PLAYER 10 TO PLAY* Jugar ahora!
Onslaught Shooter Hack: Increased health and lives Jugar ahora!
Have a Rest Amea Hack: Health & Skill Points Jugar ahora!
Cover Orange Players Pack 2 Hack: All levels unlocked Jugar ahora!
Sexy Slots Hack: Lots of money, increased max bet and more chances to win the jackpot. Jugar ahora!
Parking Lot 3 Hack: Unlimited lives and timer doubled for both modes Jugar ahora!
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