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Snowman Attack Hack: 99999health, 100000 money and 999999 kills. Jugar ahora!
Polar Pwnd 2 Hack: All tools unlocked - 100 tools limit per level. Jugar ahora!
Cursed Winds Hack: Infinite Gold - Capacity Jugar ahora!
Penguin Skate 2 Hack: Press 1 for 9999 lives! Jugar ahora!
Fly Hard Hack: 5000 each instead of 100-500 for the blue, green, and red diamonds! Note: I believe this makes for better game play! If you must totally cheat then click "reset progress" on the bottom left for 99999999! Jugar ahora!
Isoball 3 Hack: All tiles unlocked, unlimited tiles per level. Jugar ahora!
Cargo Express Hack: Money,Only 1 Cargo needed & you can Always use Turbo Boost Jugar ahora!
Red Dragon Hack: Tons of ammo and level of the weapons increased. Jugar ahora!
Santastic Santa Hack: Lives & Timer Jugar ahora!
Tactics Core Hack: 99999999 Health, Move space increased and opponents health is mostly 1500 Jugar ahora!
Ancient Powers Hack: Enemies do no damage, using power points gives you more. Jugar ahora!
Camper wars Desert Ops Hack: All levels & Weapons Unlocked - Infinite Ammo! Jugar ahora!
Robot War Strategy Hack: Instant spawn, huge number of lives, most things cost 1, 999 upgrade points. Jugar ahora!
Flight Hacked Hack: Everything is free. Unlimited fuel. Jugar ahora!
Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket Hack: 999 Skill points Jugar ahora!
Mud and Blood 2.2.2e Hack: Tactical Points Jugar ahora!
Generic Defence Hack: All Weapons automatic, All Weapons have A LOT of ammo, All Weapons have 0 reload time, All Weapons do a LOT of damage, All Weapons Cost 1 point, All enemies have 1 HP, Max Player HP, Max Item HP, Max Speed, Heal Kits heal all damage, Custom Names Jugar ahora!
Classic Pong Hack: Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Quibble race Hack: More money, more specials in a round and all specials are free. Jugar ahora!
Jake's Inferno Pinball Hack: More balls added Jugar ahora!
Space Hummer 3 Hack: Unlimited time to reach the goal Jugar ahora!
Animal War Hack: Lots of health for your team, 60% health for the enemy. Jugar ahora!
Troll's Rage Hack: Health, Rage last longer, Rage doesn't decrease until you use it.-- I Didn't make infinite rage because I thought you guys would like earning it by beating on the enemy's.. Jugar ahora!
X227 - The Game Hack: Health and infinite ammo for all weapons Jugar ahora!
Treasure of Cutlass Reef Hack: Ship Health, Gold, Crew, Ammo Jugar ahora!
Foofa Race Hack: Computer opponents can't use powerups, and powerups Range and damage time increased ! Beware though , you can hit your own on the next lap. Jugar ahora!
Vector TD 2 Hack: Infinity Cash, lives, and Bonuses Jugar ahora!
Dragons Quest Hack: 999999999 Gold, 999999999 Skill Points, Lots of health, Lots of armour and Lots of "block" - Note: Game loads,just be patient at the white screen Jugar ahora!
Space Bounty Hack: $99999 Starting Money, Each kill gives you $6000, invincible, 10 lives Jugar ahora!
Monster Truck Trials Hack: Press N each time to add x2 Nitro Jugar ahora!
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