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CCC Pirates Hack: Getting a toxic box in the water doesn't fail the level. Jugar ahora!
Battle Fish Hack: 99,999,999,999 Money, 999 Mines Limits and 999 Bubble Limits Jugar ahora!
Tank Defender Hack: Gold and health hack Jugar ahora!
Hit the Monkey Hack: Everytime a Good Time even at 1 mph. Jugar ahora!
Red Plane Hack: Lives and Bombs ----------- w,a,s,d, move j-shoot, - k-bombs Or change in options to up,down,left,right, and a,s, Jugar ahora!
Hold the Button Hack: Click the white screen, to start, the button will move itself, minutes cost 1 second, hour cost 1 minute Jugar ahora!
Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary Hack: Souls Hack, It's pretty much all you need. Jugar ahora!
Lone Faction Hack: Max Health - Max lives - All guns - Shooting gives you ammo - Press key K to skip the intro. Jugar ahora!
Caves of Mordor Hack: Infinite Stat-Points and Health Jugar ahora!
World of Pain 3 Hack: Life,mana,physical and magical attack power,repelent,skill points,strength,vitality,agility,dexterity,wisdom, experience,starting level and lots of gold Jugar ahora!
Team Killer Hack: Enemies give you health. Jugar ahora!
Space Defence Ultra Hack: Money hack,ship's and space center's health hack Jugar ahora!
Hell Of Fear Hack: More skill points, more power, more endurance, health system edited, loads of cash, every thing costs $0 Jugar ahora!
Astrae Bellum Hack: Each time you send out units the amount is added to your star - You can win in a few seconds. Note: Refresh the page if the game doesn't start after the first try. Jugar ahora!
Zoo-Preme Accuracy Hack: Credits hack Jugar ahora!
Code Monkey Tycoon Hack: 999999999 Cash. Jugar ahora!
Super Morse Code RPG Hack: Press [H] for health , [G] for grenades and [P] for painkillers. Jugar ahora!
18 Wheeler Challenge Hack: Infinite Time to complete the level so park carefully Jugar ahora!
Killer Whale Hack: Health hack Jugar ahora!
2112 Cooperation Chapter 5 Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
Childs war Hack: Money hack Jugar ahora!
RedShift Hack: Key Hacks: 1 - Invincibility,2 - EMP charge,Activate Strong Shield and APT, 3 - Mega Experience - Instant Level Up,4 - Increase Top Speed,5 - Crazy Machine Gun Mode! (7 - disable hack),6 - One Hit Kills! (8 - disable hack) Jugar ahora!
The Challenge Hack: Health, MP, Level, Credits Jugar ahora!
Geo Land: The Dream Traveller Hack: Infinite health and energy Jugar ahora!
FlashTrek Assault Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Super Mario Flash Halloween Hack: Infinite Health, Scores, Kills and Coins Jugar ahora!
Mindscape Hack: x5 More Health - Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Rocket Fighter Hack: 8uurg: Health, Power deathnote202: Price of items Jugar ahora!
Zacks Hardware Hack: All towers are Free & have no build time! Jugar ahora!
Snowstar Hack: $9,999,999, 99999 Health, Start with 50 strength, cuteness, luck. Plus 100 points to upgrade. Jugar ahora!
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