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16-Bit Halo Hack: Invincible player. Jugar ahora!
Strategy Defense 5 Hack: set money set score delay (set 0 to go to next level) Jugar ahora!
Maze of Darkness Hack: Move faster so you can go through walls and got rid of some red enemies. Jugar ahora!
Dragon Wizard Hack: Invincibility,infinite gold and lives,every weapon is free,player moves a bit more faster Jugar ahora!
Monsters vs Aliens TD Hack: Gold and lives hack Jugar ahora!
Parking Lot 1 Hack: Unlimited lives and timer doubled Jugar ahora!
Desert Monster Hack: Unlimited lives & All Trucks Unlocked Jugar ahora!
Bleach Training Hack: Level, Potions at 999, money, stat points, (made the character speed faster), speed, life, defend, magic, and power are all set to 999 Jugar ahora!
Grand Prix Tycoon Hack: Money Hack - 5 Billion Dollars, When the game loads, right click on game then click play. Jugar ahora!
Indiana Jones - Zombie Terror Hack: Dying gives you lives. Jugar ahora!
Village Heroes Hack: Health, Special & Increased Speed for each character Jugar ahora!
Age Of War Hack: Infinite Gold, Infinite XP, Infinite Special Attacks and Instant Training Jugar ahora!
KGB Hunter Hack: Car Health Hack! Jugar ahora!
Sonny 2 Xmas Hack Hack: Money, Ability Points and Attribute Points Hacked. Redrawn several items into 3 red suites, Candy cane, Xmas tree, Two red gloves, Two suites, Black tux, Xmas hats, Santa hat and beard, Sword and devil horns. Merry Christmas Jugar ahora!
Drop Dead: Players Pack Hack: All levels unlocked! Jugar ahora!
Turret Pong Hack: 999 Points Jugar ahora!
Final Slam Hack: Press key 1 each battle to get unlimited health. Jugar ahora!
Moto Rush Hack: Turning upside down won't kill you - Get 1 nitrous pickup for Infinite nitrous the rest of the level. -- Note: Don't pay any attention to the Nitro meter, it will appear empty after using it. -- Input "SCORE" as code to unlock everything! Jugar ahora!
Boys VS Girls Hack: All Stages Unlocked, Unlimited Lives, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Health, Best Gun/Wand Available, Unlimited Super Jump, Unlimited Shield, Unlimited Super Speed Jugar ahora!
Rainbow Sphere Hack: "Invincibility" - you can still get stuck, and I don't think there is a reset button Jump from midair possible Jugar ahora!
London Cabbie Hack: Time Jugar ahora!
Epic War 4 Hack: Unlimited Gold after the first battle, Invincible Castle, Infinite Mana & All Heroes & Units Unlocked ! Jugar ahora!
Shotgun Orc Hack: Unlimited Lives. Sorry i couldn't get health :( Jugar ahora!
Beach Defence Hack: 99999999 Health added Jugar ahora!
S. M. O Arena Fighter Hack: Increased clip size More money(finish 1 round of gauntlet) Jugar ahora!
The Paper Plane Hack: All Planes Available - Free Planes - Free Boost and Upgrades (not stats!) Jugar ahora!
Foofa Race 2 Hack: Computer opponents can't use powerups, and powerups Range and damage time increased ! Beware though , you can hit your own on the next lap. Pretty much same as first one, since it seemed to be enough. Jugar ahora!
Sneaky Santa Hack: Infinite Lives Jugar ahora!
Battle for Gondor Hack: Press 1 for an Infinite Gold hack. Jugar ahora!
Fly Squirrel Fly Hack: Earn Cash Very Quickly - Nothing can kill you - 1000 max Flaps - Rocket & parachute time greatly increased! Jugar ahora!
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