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Mario Journey Hack: Infinite Lives and a little bit jumping higher Jugar ahora!
Playing with Fire 1 Hack: unlimited bombs, length of bomb blast Jugar ahora!
Age of Kingdom Hack: Using resources gives you resources - Trading gives you a lot of resources. Jugar ahora!
Lone Tank Hack: Start out with unlimited metal (money) - x2 more health (not infinite because it glitches the bar and messes up the game). Jugar ahora!
Carious Weltling 2 Regurgitated Hack: Infinite lives - Spitting blood clots doesn't drain blood - No stun - Level select unlocked - NOTE: You can only play story mode in this demo version Jugar ahora!
Metroid Elements Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
BreakPoint Hack: More health, more ammo, greater clip size Jugar ahora!
Kinetikz 2 Hack: Lives hack and all levels unlocked Jugar ahora!
Zombie Survival Hack: Health (no death), Grenades, Won't die if your vehicle explodes on you, All Stats Maxed, All vehicles are free, 100% Headshots, One hit KOs Jugar ahora!
Planet Basher 2 Hack: Infinite star dust,first upgrades cost 1 Jugar ahora!
Endeavor Hack: Unlimited endurance. We could have given you jump but it would ruin the whole game for you. Jugar ahora!
Christmas Bombs Hack: Unlimited bombs for each level. Jugar ahora!
Ultimate Round Hack: Loader fixed! Press H for Infinite Health. Note that the enemy needs to punch you so the bar refreshes. Jugar ahora!
Emo Vs. Happiness Hack: Enemies give you health (note : your health will go down a bit when you start). Jugar ahora!
Xeno Tactic Hack: gold, health Jugar ahora!
Lone Faction Hack: Max Health - Max lives - All guns - Shooting gives you ammo - Press key K to skip the intro. Jugar ahora!
Flying Steel Hack: !! DON'T PICKUP HEALTH BONUS !! If you do , your health will go back to "default value" of 1500 - - - HACKS- Infinite Health, hundreds of nukes, Weapon upgrades last to end of level! Jugar ahora!
Fly Zombie Fly Hack: Buying stuff gives you money & Only buy 1 of each item so you get infinite. Jugar ahora!
2112 Cooperation Chapter 2 Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
Mario Racing Tournament Hack: Lots of money, Quicker Acceleration speed, Faster overall speed and less gravity, which means you can jump higher. Jugar ahora!
Marios Time Attack Hack: Lives hack, sorry I couldn't find the timer hack. Jugar ahora!
Tanks Gone Wild Hack: Health and armor hack. Note : no upgrade points as these are set to match the number of levels and you won't be able to close the upgrades screen if you can't spend them. Jugar ahora!
Enduro 3 - The Junkyard Hack: Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Flash Halo CTF Hack: You can't lose health. Jugar ahora!
Space Base Defender Hack: Infinite Money and Infinite Health!It looks like there is no money,but trust me,looks are decieving! Jugar ahora!
Squareman 3 Hack: Enemies give you health - Dying gives you lives. Jugar ahora!
Warfare TD Hack: Money and lives Jugar ahora!
GUNROX: Bomb that Chicken Hack: Game time extended,no reload for the bomb gun,more birds appearing and some them are going towards you! Jugar ahora!
Mini Scientist Hack: Press key 1 to advance to the next stage, press tab to scroll through the items you can use on the current stage. Jugar ahora!
Fireball 5 Hack: 99999999 Lives, no damage to you car and you can't die if you run out of time Jugar ahora!
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