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Foreign Creature Scene Hack: Press 1-4 keys to skip through the scenes. Use tab to scroll through the usable items on screen. Jugar ahora!
The Rise of a Knight Hack: Life after death, that means, you can not die Jugar ahora!
World of Pain: Chapter 1 Hack: You have 999999999 skill and stat points and gold. Jugar ahora!
Rocket Weasel Hack: All level goals are set to 50,you also always have +1 rocket extra Jugar ahora!
Rambo 3 Hack: Infinite Health Jugar ahora!
Pinkslip Panic Hack: Time hack Jugar ahora!
Red Baron Hack: health, defence bar, you can kill enemies by just walking toward them Jugar ahora!
Firework Battle Hack: Ammo - Money - And Press " 1 " to toggle Health On / Off - Press " 2 " to toggle Wind On / Off Jugar ahora!
BoomStick Hack: Ammo Hack, Speed Hack and Gun Fire Delay Hack. Jugar ahora!
Tetraform Hack: After first continue you will have a full planet. Jugar ahora!
Red Driver 2 Hack: Press 'M' key for: Infinite Cash - All Upgrades Unlocked - Crazy Cheats Unlocked - Psy City Mode Unlocked Jugar ahora!
Falling Girl Hack: The girl is now a stick figure and now the ball things have happy faces on them. Jugar ahora!
Black 3 Hack: Health and Wall Mines Jugar ahora!
Flight Hacked Hack: Everything is free. Unlimited fuel. Jugar ahora!
Tree view (official version) Hack: stats, money, statpoints, statpoints already clicked for you, you level up like crazy, enerygy points, potions Jugar ahora!
Easter Island TD Hack: Lives, Money, Next Level, No Upgrade Timer, Set Tower Range, Damage, and ROF. Hack buttons under game, if you don't see them refresh until you do! NOTE: Use tower hacks at your own risk, settings to high or low could cause a negative result ! Jugar ahora!
Celebrity Smackdown 4 Hack: You win even if you lose Jugar ahora!
Deep Hack: Infinite Health and everything in the shop is free. Jugar ahora!
Kingdom Fire Hack: Health (999999), Magic (999999), Level (999), Gold (999999999), large character attributes (ALL 999), Unlimited weight, Super defenses, Major damage, almost all items cost 1 gold. Jugar ahora!
The Professionals 3 Hack: Health "Ignore the Health Bar" - Ammo - 2x Knife Damage - 5 minutes to crack the 3 digit elevator codes instead of 1. Jugar ahora!
Doom Rider Hack: Timer increased from 30secs to 300 and every checkpoint adds another 300 secs. Jugar ahora!
StarCraft Flash Action 4 Hack: Rapid score multiplayer, lots of money per kill, tanks instantly kill you if they get you >:) all other enemies have reduced health, mines cost $100,000(only fair) Jugar ahora!
Broken Wings Hack: medals (RaNdOmCaPs), tries(mathewthe2) Jugar ahora!
Office Rush Hack: More office-health and money added Jugar ahora!
Evilland Hack: Health, XP, Level hack Jugar ahora!
Island Survival Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Dragon Ball Z Platform Hack: Infinite energy and health - All stats increased except for speed - Unlimited coins Jugar ahora!
Nuclear Bike 2 Hack: You can't die - Unlimited nitro (using it gives you more). If you think the game is easy try playing it unhacked. Jugar ahora!
StormWinds 1.5 Hack: Money hack Jugar ahora!
Dad n Me Hack: Tons of health and One hit kills. Jugar ahora!
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