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Windhawk Hack: More health and money added,ammo and oxygen Jugar ahora!
Enduro 2 - The Sawmill Hack: Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Bobobo Nose Hairs of Fury Hack: Health and Less enemy Health Jugar ahora!
Element Saga full version Hack: Health hack,ammo for all weapons,clip sizes,faster reload,enemies' health decreased a little,more damage caused per hit Jugar ahora!
Angel Bothorius Hack: Unlim/Lim lives selection Jugar ahora!
Ninja Assassin 2 Hack: Lots of health, dying doesn't take away lives just in case. Jugar ahora!
Land of the Dead Hack: Infinite Health, 99999999 Power1 and Power2 Jugar ahora!
Gladiator: Castle Wars Hack: Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Gunrox: Gang Wars Hack: Money hack and the enemy starts with $10 Jugar ahora!
Blosics 2 Hack: Best balls are free - All goals set to 1 Jugar ahora!
Vindex Gladiator Hack: Health,mana,strength,defense,infinite points,mostly 1 hit KOs and enemies mostly misses,save option activated Jugar ahora!
Book of Mages 2 Hack: Keyhacks: 1 - Add 100 to your Health, Mana & Special; 2 - Unlimited Skill Points; 3 - Instant Win your opponent. Jugar ahora!
Feudalism 2 Hack: Money, Ships cost 0 gold, Skill Points, Stat Points, When you die you win the stage., customize your own player unlocked, difficulty selection updated Jugar ahora!
Rauska Slug Hack: Life after Death and Infinite grenades! Jugar ahora!
Flash Halo CTF Hack: You can't lose health. Jugar ahora!
13 More days in Hell Hack: Health - All Weapons & infinite clip Ammo - So no reloading - All guns have the power of the shotgun! Jugar ahora!
Micro Olympics Hack: 999999 Money and 9999999 Average Distance at game start of your character. Jugar ahora!
Cargo Master Hack: Timer adds up seconds Jugar ahora!
Hannah vs The Zombies Hack: Health and money hack. Jugar ahora!
Hell Of Fear Hack: More skill points, more power, more endurance, health system edited, loads of cash, every thing costs $0 Jugar ahora!
Enduro 3 - The Junkyard Hack: Lives hack Jugar ahora!
Crazy Pinball Hack: More balls added Jugar ahora!
Kim Possible - Drakken's Lair Hack: Dying gives you lives - Enemies & Lasers cant take your energy Jugar ahora!
Prehistoric Hack: 999 lives and +1000 to score when you collect eggs or kill enemy Jugar ahora!
Pigstacks Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
AirDefence v0.1 Hack: Infinite Tower-Health and Money Jugar ahora!
Time Mission Hack: Ammo hack, money hack Jugar ahora!
ShamRockets Hack: Unlimited Cash in shop & Last Rocket upgrade gives you unlimited fuel & health Jugar ahora!
Mini Scientist Hack: Press key 1 to advance to the next stage, press tab to scroll through the items you can use on the current stage. Jugar ahora!
Battle Tank Hack: Extra Money - Dying gives you lives. Jugar ahora!
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