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Orblisk Hack: 100 million Gold Jugar ahora!
Atlantis Squarepantis Bus Rush Hack: Bus uses no fuel. Jugar ahora!
Bongstarr And The Floating Isle Of Dryville Hack: An infinite supply of water! Jugar ahora!
Scooby Doo Temple of Lost Souls Hack: Scooby & Shaggy fear hack Jugar ahora!
Sky Fighters Hack: Plane health bombs and rockets. Jugar ahora!
Scary Maze Game Hack: Changed location of goal, removed scary sound, and changed picture. Jugar ahora!
Clan Wars: Goblin Forest Hack: Key hacks: Press 1 to get 1000 gold every 3 seconds, Press 2 for experience and population hack Jugar ahora!
Gold Spot Hack: Lives & Keyhacks: 1 to add $999999 and 2 to bring it back to $0. Use the 2nd keyhack after finished level because the score counter will go forever. In the shop just press 1 again. You will need to grab 1 gold piece in the game so the money value change. Jugar ahora!
Storm Astrum Defense Hack: A lot of money. Jugar ahora!
Battle Fish Hack: 99,999,999,999 Money, 999 Mines Limits and 999 Bubble Limits Jugar ahora!
Armed Prophet Hack: All weapons unlocked, more damage by Carpet and life after death by Dave Petty Jugar ahora!
MoFro Hack: Jump Height and health Jugar ahora!
WWII Defense Hack: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 1000 money, key 2 to add 1000 health. Jugar ahora!
Have a Rest Amea Hack: Health & Skill Points Jugar ahora!
Swords and Sandals : Gladiator Hack: Press key '1' for - Skill points,gold,experience,stamina - Key '2' for - Invincibility - Key '3' for - Hero Level and All Stats Maximum Jugar ahora!
Rollercoaster Creator Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Undead Assault Hack: 999 Billion life, Exp, all items cost 1 Jugar ahora!
Star Racer Hack: Time Hack Jugar ahora!
Pogo Swing Hack: $50000 Cash. Notes: The last rocket upgrade is an instant win. After the game ends you will get a black screen - refresh the page. Jugar ahora!
Stealth Hunter Hack: You can walk by a guard and he will not see you Jugar ahora!
The Unfair Platformer Hack: Player speed and jump height increased,new level codes available: martin,is,the,best,hacker,ever Jugar ahora!
Monkey Diner Hack: Keyhacks: "G" to add $10 to the Level Goal & "U" to add $100 to the Money used for Upgrades Jugar ahora!
Momento Manhunt Hack: Health increased to 9999999999. Jugar ahora!
Newgrounds Sim Hack: 999999999$, 999 in all 3 skills, You Are A Affiliate Moderator And Admin On Start Up, You Make Around 1999$ at work, All Flash Movie Types Unlock, 2 Extra's On Desktop At Startup (If Name Is popwin (I Think Not 100%), CODE CRACKED If Game Screen Is Expand Jugar ahora!
Swift Buggy Hack: Infinite Cash Jugar ahora!
Aliens Busted Hack: Lots of health - Easily crash all cars - Complete the all levels easy Jugar ahora!
Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead Hack: Invincible, Unlimited Ammo and Stamina Jugar ahora!
King of Bikes Hack: All Levels,Bikers & Bikes Unlocked Jugar ahora!
Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh Hack: 999999 Lives Jugar ahora!
Sniper Assassin 3 Hack: Level codes are from 1 - 14 digits Jugar ahora!
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