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Naruto Balloon Burst Hack: 999 seconds instead of 30 seconds Jugar ahora!
Mana Wars 1 Hack: Infinite money and mana,your army makes more damage Jugar ahora!
Journey to the Center of the Mind Hack: Start with 999999999 money, Infinite life, all ammo increased to 999999999, purchase costs nothing Jugar ahora!
Final Tank Hack: Money and Lives! - No health hack because of the lives hack. Jugar ahora!
Back to the Cubeture Hack: Enemies are very slow when drawing their guns - you can take them out easily, the computer is very slow at the horse race and tripping at the train chase doesn't end the game. Jugar ahora!
Elevator Fart Hack: Fart as much as you like, nobody cares!! Jugar ahora!
Earth Onslaught Hack: Loads Of Money - Infinite Experience - No Units Limit ! Jugar ahora!
Super Soilder Hack: 999 Lives, more damage for the balls. Jugar ahora!
Street Avenger Hack: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Lives, Unlimited SP, All Levels Unlocked Jugar ahora!
Kid Launcher Hack: Infinite Money - All Medals & Achievements (If you get stuck at the blue screen just be patient for a minute) Jugar ahora!
Days Of The Dead Hack: Wall Health - Infinite Mana - Money - Skill Points - Magic Points - Fire,Ice & Poison Jugar ahora!
Frontline defense Hack: Intel, Cooldown is disabled Jugar ahora!
Warrior Quest Hack: Xp, Stats Jugar ahora!
Angel Bothorius Hack: Unlim/Lim lives selection Jugar ahora!
Docking Perfection 2 Hack: Damage hack and you have 777 secs to complete each level. Jugar ahora!
Bullet Chaos Hack: Buying stuff gives you money & More Continues (Lives) - (Note: If black screen - Right click->Settings->select the camera icon->Right click on the first option of the drop-down menu-> Play) Jugar ahora!
Damn Birds 2 Hack: More money, ammo, achievements on, clip size for all weapons, all weapons 2 times more powerful, every gun cost $1, all bullets and rockets cost $1, no reload time. Jugar ahora!
Raiders Hack: Money Jugar ahora!
Prehistoric Hack: 999 lives and +1000 to score when you collect eggs or kill enemy Jugar ahora!
Dawn of the Celebs 2 Hack: Money, lots of health and limo health (after you upgrade the limo), unlimited ammo for weapons 2 and 3. Jugar ahora!
Zombified Hack: Infinite Ammo Jugar ahora!
Penguinz Hack: ammo,health,cash Jugar ahora!
Defend Your Inglor Hack: 999999 Gold at the beginning and some items cost 1 Gold Jugar ahora!
Mystic Circle Hack: Money, Stat Points, EXP, Health, Mana, Spell Cooldown Timer Removal. Please click on the Hacks button on the bottom right of the game to activate hacks. Jugar ahora!
Tree Of Life Hack: Gold and max towers hack Jugar ahora!
Oilgarchy Hack: Infinite oil, infinite money, year, and election frequency Jugar ahora!
Pigstacks Hack: All levels unlocked. Jugar ahora!
Gear Hero Hack: Money & Crystals Jugar ahora!
Domino Fall 2 Hack: Unlimited Bombs for each level Jugar ahora!
I Love Traffic Hack: 999999999 Time Limit for each level & Changed The Games Cheesy song to Xmens "storm" A royalty free soundtrack! Jugar ahora!
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