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Super Manager Hack: money, $0 bill Jugar ahora!
Rock Crawler Hack: Nitro boosts amount and each boost last longer Jugar ahora!
Alien Galaxion X Hack: Money and Health Jugar ahora!
Blocky 3 Hack: Press key 8 to unlock all levels (use it when you're at the level select screen), key 4 to add 60 seconds to the timer, key 6 to remove 60 seconds, key L to create a random bomb/bonus (after you take down a row). Jugar ahora!
Park My Boat Hack: Lives and timer hack Jugar ahora!
Blade of Innocence Hack: 777777777 Cash 777777777 Castle HP 777777777 Max Units Jugar ahora!
Andy Law 2 Hack: Cheat mode activated:... Fully restores health - martin , add extra ammo and clips - ristov , Go to further stages - stage2,stage3,stage4 Jugar ahora!
OwnAge Burst Hack: Hacks: Speed, Grenades and No Damage Jugar ahora!
Armor Hero Water Pursuit Hack: Invincible Jugar ahora!
Drift Runners Hack: Cash Jugar ahora!
Burger Restaurant 2 Hack: All goals set to $1 - Money in the shop. Jugar ahora!
Ninja Bolt Hack: Unlimited Powah after picking up a ring (energy for attacks and jumps) Jugar ahora!
Clarences Big Chance Hack: Invincible,Higher jump & Speed increased on all terrains Jugar ahora!
Donkey BoM Hack: Unlimited Tries (lives) Jugar ahora!
King of Fighters XS Ultimatum Hack: Infinite health and power. Use the button in the top left corner to switch the cheats on/off. Jugar ahora!
Thug Hack: x5 more Health & Unlimited lives Jugar ahora!
Cosmic Crush Hack: Zoom out hack - Press 2 to zoom out - Press 3 to zoom out even more - Press 1 for normal zoom Jugar ahora!
Imminent Hack: Life and Money Hack Jugar ahora!
Maganic Wars Hack: $99,999 gold Jugar ahora!
Hummer Rage Hack: Unlimited time for each level, press key 1 to add 10 to your max speed, press key 2 to remove 10. No health hack since you get stuck too often. Jugar ahora!
Perfect Pizza Hack: Pizza Timer is stopped - A bunch of money - Score links now lead to ArcadePrehacks! Jugar ahora!
Market Delivery Hack: Unlimited Cash,Reward per completed level,Can always put 50 cargo & 1 Cargo item needed to complete a level Jugar ahora!
2D Knock-out Hack: Enemy does no damage. Jugar ahora!
Idol Days Sim Date Hack: Unlimited Money,Health & Skill Points Jugar ahora!
Shark Bait Hack: Your energy level is multiplied by 4. Jugar ahora!
Epos Hack: Health - Mana - Money - Talent Points and Stat Points don't decrease when using them "But you still need the starting amount needed first" Jugar ahora!
Epic Battle Fantasy Hack: Lots of Money, Lots of Items, Infinite Health and Infinite Mana. Jugar ahora!
Green Beret Castle Assault Hack: Castle Health & Experience after first level Jugar ahora!
Outbreak Hack: Rage max increased, EXP, life, cash, ammo, shot delay, reload speed, power, clip size, AK bought, magnum bought and shotgun bought. Pressing the guns corresponding number automatically reloads. Jugar ahora!
Nail It Hack: Infinite life Jugar ahora!
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